The university center of Tarn-et-Garonne opens its doors this Saturday

This February 4, prospective students have a meeting at the Montauriol campus in Montauban. Faculty and students will be present to introduce the various courses offered at the university and answer questions.

Operation open door, this Saturday, February 4, in the university center of Montauban. With an intake of 1,100 students this year for 2022-2023, the campus will be available to prospective students and their families who want to find out more about the courses on offer from bac+1 to masters. In the program: meetings with teachers, students, librarians, organizers and associations of student life; building visits and introductions to the colour, illustration, design (Iscid), law, teaching (Inspe and Erasme) and health professions (Ifms) sectors.

In the field of law, the Toulouse Capitol University branch has already planned everything, as manager Anne-Laure Fabas-Serlooten explained: “Our students will wear red polo shirts to be clearly identifiable. They will welcome the public from 10 am.” A conference will be offered in the large amphitheater at 2:00 p.m. Ability to highlight training. “We want to prove that even on a small campus, we can see our future in a big way by promoting this local public service,” said the director. Family spirit reigns here, students are not anonymous. Enhanced work enables us. working in small groups ensures a better follow-up.” A presentation of the progress of the year will also be offered by the supervising group. Students will share their experiences with future students. “They are our best ambassadors”, recognizes Anne-Laure Fabas-Serlooten.

Iscid is based on visuals

On the side of the Higher Institute of Color Image Design (a branch of the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), everything is visual! Therefore, students will promote their achievements through exhibitions. A way to show the scale of what we teach at the institute: animation, object design, environment and sensor, graphics, color specialization…,” explains Christelle Herraud, administrative manager. A small designer market in the media library will offer student-made posters, jewelry and other flocked sweatshirts. Building tours and hands-on workshops will also be organized.

The Health Professions Training Institute (HPT) of the Montauban hospital center will participate for the first time in this open day. Emphasis will be placed on courses designed for nurses and carers. The National Institute of Higher Education and Training (a branch of the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès) and Erasmus (educator instructor training) will also be there.

Open day at Montauban university center, 116 boulevard Montauriol, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Visit of officials at 11:00.

Dominique Sardeing: “We welcome 1,100 students as best as possible at the Montauriol campus”

For the county council, the university center of Tarn-et-Garonne does not have the assets to attract new students. Dot with Dominic Sardin, adviser to the department and vice-president of the study commission “education, higher education and sport”.

How important is the university to the central county council?

Through our recovery plan, we have placed education as one of our priorities. The university center is at the heart of this system because it is managed by a department – ​​specific to Tarn-et-Garonne. We provide site restructuring (almost complete), catering, student life services (at-risk student support fund, Pass cinema and pool, accommodation support, etc.), library maintenance. as well as all site management.

But what about the courses?

We are very involved in thinking about the adoption of new training through a steering committee in which we participate together with the three Toulouse universities, local partners, not forgetting the Greater Montauban and Occitanie regions. It is our aim to connect and develop the university center by hosting new courses. We all need to work together on this for spin-offs that benefit the entire department.

What are your priorities regarding these issues?

We want to welcome 1100 students as much as possible. The Montalban site is noted as a balanced university town. This should allow us to develop our campus together with Crous, especially with student housing in mind. We want to enable Tarn-et-Garonne students to find a post-baccalaureate education (health and social, law, school teacher, etc.) that meets their expectations. It is important for us to accept students from all over France for highly specific training, such as a master’s degree at the Institut Supérieur Couleur Image Design.

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