PS5 UPDATE: Discord voice chat, variable refresh rate at 1440p and more in next firmware beta

PlayStation 5 is regularly updated and Sony Interactive Entertainment offering beta testers the opportunity to try out certain future features in advance, such as last summer with 1440p. Rumor has it that the next Software It brings massive (7.0 appellation not currently officially used) incremental integration in preparation. Controversy and flow From PS5 games clouds. well, the PlayStation-Blog announced updates for the beta program, which is available today, but voice chat is open Controversy he quotes well.

In addition to voice chat Controversywe find other social characteristics, of VRR At 1440p or the ability to transfer our data between PS5. The full list and all the details can be found below.

As the PlayStation 5 console continues to evolve, we’re excited to bring new features to our community. Today we’re introducing the beta version of the new PS5 firmware. It includes features requested by many fans, such as voice chat on Discord and variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolution. It also introduces a variety of interface and accessibility improvements, as well as social features that will make playing with friends even easier and enhance your gaming experience on the PS5 console.

Invited users who participate in the beta and are residents of the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, or France will receive an email with instructions to download and run the beta. As with previous beta releases, some of the available features may not ultimately make it into the next final release of the system software, or may be significantly modified before its worldwide release in the coming months.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features:

New social features

  • Join a voice chat on Discord from your PS5 console. Now you can join Discord server voice chats from your PS5 console and easily chat with your friends on most gaming platforms. To do so, follow these steps to link your Discord and PlayStation Network accounts from your PS5* console. Then use the Discord app on your mobile device or PC to enjoy voice chats on your PS5 console (make sure the Discord app has the latest update). Your Discord friends will also be able to see your online status and the games you’re playing.
  • Note : If you’ve connected your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts in the past to show your games, you’ll need to repeat the process on your PS5 console to grant the necessary permissions for Discord voice chat.

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 07 02 02 2023

  • Start or request a screen share from your friend’s profile. Now you can send a screen share request or share your screen with a friend from his profile. Just select the Screen Share icon on their profile to start a new session.

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 01 02 02 2023

  • New “Join Party” icon in party chats. An icon on the voice chat map allows party members to join your game in progress. You can join the game directly by selecting a player and then selecting [Rejoindre la partie] in the menu.
  • New “Playing Friends” tile. In game portals, you can now see which of your friends own the game, who is online, and who is currently playing it. Select a tile to see your friends’ activity. You can also visit their profile for more interaction options.

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 06 02 02 2023

  • Manually uploading screenshots to the PlayStation App. Now you can manually select individual screenshots or video clips from your PS5 console and send them to the PS App, then easily share them on social media or with friends.** This feature complements the PS App feature. Currently auto-shipping PS Software application.

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 05 02 02 2023

New gameplay and customization options

  • Variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolutions. You can now enjoy smoother graphics performance on VRR-capable HDMI 2.1 displays at 1440p resolution when playing VRR-enabled titles.***
  • We’ve also updated the PS5 console’s 1440p output settings, allowing a wider range of HDMI displays to support this resolution.
    • Go here to check if your HDMI device is compatible [Paramètres] > [Écran et vidéo] > [Sortie vidéo] > [Tester la sortie 1440p].

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 08 02 02 2023

  • Improving the game library.
    • It is now possible to sort and filter games when adding them to the list.
    • Use library filters to easily find all your PSVR games or PSVR 2 games when they release later this month.

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 04 ​​02 02 2023

  • Game Presets – multiplayer session preferences. Set your preferences for who can join your game and who can invite other players to multiplayer sessions you create in compatible games.
    • See you [Paramètres] > [Données sauvegardées et paramètres des jeux/applications] > [Préréglages des jeux] > [Sessions multijoueurs en ligne]then select your options [Qui peut rejoindre] and [Qui peut inviter].

New accessibility and usability

  • Transferring save data from PS4 to PS5. We’ve added two methods to easily access PS4 data stored on your PS5 console:
    • When you download or install a PS4 game on your PS5 console, a notification will show the availability of cloud storage data on your PlayStation Network account (if your PS5 console does not already have data saved for that game). After that, you just need to select the notification to download your saved data.
    • The same notification will appear when you download or install a PS5 game compatible with PS4 save data, such as the PS5 version of a game released on PS4 (if the game supports this feature).
    • Note : Saving saves online requires a PlayStation Plus subscription.

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 03 02 02 2023

  • Data transfer between PS5 consoles. Now you can easily transfer your PS5 console data such as games, saved data, user profiles, screenshots and videos to another PS5 console via Wi-Fi or LAN cable. Data can be transferred during the initial setup of the PS5 console or later from the settings menu. This process does not delete or change data from your original PS5 console.

PlayStation 5 PS5 beta firmware 02 02 02 2023

  • Screen reader improvements. The screen reader now provides more detailed directions when navigating the console, such as which direction you can move or your current location if there are multiple items. Also, if you use it to read web pages, the read-aloud section will be framed.
  • DualSense wireless controller firmware update wirelessly. It is now possible to update the DualSense Wireless Controller firmware over a wireless connection. If you are having trouble updating the firmware over a wireless connection, connect your controller to the PS5 console using a USB cable. You will be able to use wireless connection in the next update.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the PS5 beta for helping us test these new features. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

*When the system update rolls out globally in the coming months, players who want to take advantage of voice chat functionality in Discord will be able to link their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts from the Discord app on Windows, Mac, or mobile devices. can do more today. Linking Discord and PlayStation Network accounts from a PS5 console is only required for beta participants and during testing.

** Non-4K video clips under 3 minutes can be downloaded from the PS App.

***Results may vary by game. 1440p video output on PS5 requires a 1440p/60Hz compatible TV or PC monitor, or 1440p/60Hz and 120Hz.

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