PS5 Pro confirmed, games already in development at studios

Sony and Microsoft are surprisingly working on new versions of their home consoles, and some studios could already have development kits for this new generation coming in 2024.

Credit: PS5

Consoles have traditionally used fixed hardware throughout their life cycle, but mid-generation upgrades became a reality with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. These especially brought 4K support to console gamers and it looks like it Sony and Microsoft plan to release new, more powerful devices again in a few years.

The news comes from Tez2, an influential Rockstar insider who claims on the GTA forums ” Most AAA studios should be getting their mid-gen refresh development kits, or should be getting them early in the new year. “. The insider backed up his claims when asked if he was sure or if it was just a prediction.

A new, more powerful PS5 and Xbox are coming soon

When the PlayStation 4 was about three years old, it was updated with the PlayStation 4 Pro, and four years later the Xbox One was followed by the Xbox One X. PlayStation 5 will be three years old in 2023therefore, new releases were expected to arrive over the next few years.

Developers tend to get their hands on upcoming hardware SDKs long before their official releases, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the next models of the PS5 and Xbox were already sent to different studios. Nintendo is also planning a Switch Pro, and 4K dev kits are also said to be in the wild.

We imagine the next consoles will be more powerful than the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but we don’t know yet what the two video game giants plan to bring them to market. Release in 2024 is quite possiblebecause that would stick to the previous generation’s calendar.

Until then, we know that Sony will release a PS5 Slim in 2023 that will feature the use of a removable disc drive. The latter should not be more powerful than the current generation, but as the name suggests, could be more concise.

Source: GTA Forums