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Here’s everything you need to know about the third installment of the arcade racing game developed by Ubisoft and Ivory Tower for next-gen consoles.

It’s been up in the air for months, and the announcement has finally been made by Ubisoft: an open-world arcade racing game series Staff there will be a special episode on new generation consoles. has the right Crew Motorfestthe title will take place in the heavenly universe.

Interested in the game? Here’s everything we know at the moment about the next title, published by Ubisoft and developed by Lyon studio Ivory Tower.

Crew Motorfest : release date 2023

Although the game has only just been officially announced by Ubisoft, the launch teaser has arrived to hint at the first release date: 2023. Even if that doesn’t take us too far, we can guess that the title will hit the shelves of your favorite stores. the last quarter of the current yearas soon as possible.

Players who want to get into the game sooner can do so by participating Insider Program starting February 1st. The idea is to fix bugs and significantly improve the gaming experience before the official release of the title.

What platforms can we play on? Crew Motorfest ?

Like the first two games in the franchise, Crew Motorfest In addition to PC, it will be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game will be available PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Luna and PC.

In addition, the development team announces that the game will benefit from an unprecedented follow-up, with many updates planned to allow for the development of the important community. Don’t be: Crew Motorfest will last for many years.

Crew Motorfest : game map and game information

Like its predecessors, Crew Motorfest based on the arcade gameplay that is the strength of the license. The basics of the series will be respected, as players will still be able to roam between the two races in a huge open world.

The big news for this third installment is that it will no longer take place in the United States (at scale). This time The island of Oahu in HawaiiA rich paradise environment spanning 1,545 km² and home to iconic locations such as Pearl Harbord and Honolulu.

The scale will certainly be smaller Crew Motorfest, but the proposed playground will be diverse enough to please the community. So you can drive at high speed on beaches, cities and dense forests and even volcanoes. Extreme!

What is happening Crew Motorfest ?

As the name suggests, the game takes place within the framework of the Car-culture festival. Players will have the opportunity to participate while traveling in and around Hawaii various activities :

  • Exploration
  • Collection
  • Competition
  • Personalization
  • Share social adventures in multiplayer

The game promises us a busy and regularly updated program with many different scenarios and vehicles.

Cars, Boats, Airplanes: Vehicles and Disciplines Crew Motorfest

The main innovation Crew 2 was to give players access to other types of vehicles besides cars. with Crew Motorfestdevelopers said they wanted to go further in their desire to bring diversity to the events on offer.

A list of all disciplines known to date, with the main list of cars of famous brands added:

  • Alpha GP
  • Airplane
  • Motor boat
  • Street races
  • Demolition
  • Dragster
  • Drift
  • Hypercar
  • Monster
  • Motocross
  • Rally
  • rally raid

Others should join the festival soon.

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