“Ekocampus” ambition for the University of Toulon

“VScampus is 50 years old. It’s time to smartly refurbish it to move towards a modern ecocampus. This will be possible thanks to the help of our Region, Administration and Metropolis cities.

On Tuesday morning, Xavier Leroux, president of the university, took the stage to greet Renaud Muselier, president of the region, Hubert Falco, president of the Metropolis, Jean-Louis Masson, president of the Department, Nathalie Bicais, mayor of La Seyne. , Francois de Canson, Vice President of the Region and Mayor of La Londe, and Herve Stassinos, Mayor of Pradet. All these elected officials came to see how the Toulon University reconstruction project was expressed.

“Keep our students here”

Based on a model, the president of the university explained the main future developments (our box).

“A new trail will be created at the level of sustainability of the existing parking lots. The entire lower part of the campus will be covered with plants and we will reuse the water there rather than suffer from it,” he explained. “Because here we are talking about the area where the number of students has increased the most: 20,000 in total. All these students must be accommodated. We are doing everything we can.”Hubert Falco recalled, also the mayor of Toulon.

“The future campus in Toulon city center, the future Montéty site and the La Garde eco-campus: the university is growing, diversifying and the goal is to keep all these students with us. Let them work in the area. After their diploma. Tourism, marine economy, high technologies: these are our strengths!” , Renaud Muselier welcomed. “There must be consistency between training and work. This is the meaning of our regional strategy: keep students here!”

Finally, Jean-Louis Masson praised the many high-tech companies located on the grounds of the La Garde campus. “In this field, we are lucky that there are advanced companies that are partners of the university. We must continue!”

Wave tank and underwater robot

And François de Canson to slide by example: “La Londe will soon welcome the Marine Group to its territory: here is an excellent opportunity for future graduates of the University of Toulon”

It is therefore only natural that elected officials visit the university’s premises, including a reconstructed wave basin, to allow students to analyze the power of waves and the effects of rising waters in the Mediterranean Sea. The topic is oh, how relevant Varda is.

They also observed the operation “live” an underwater robot and equipment used for major operations at sea, such as the search for the wreckage of the Rio-Paris plane in 2009. strength has been checked.

“Growing Up Fast”, noted Renaud Muselier, was expected at the Toulon naval base that same afternoon. For the university, it’s mission accomplished: the ecocampus plan is on track.

New buildings and old buildings have been renovated: the campus is being renovated and the first works have begun at IUT. (Fig. FDand Repro. DR).

Driving across the campus in La Garde, you can’t miss it: the building of the university’s future IUT is rising, rising… 200 workers are working there every day for the next year’s planned delivery.

4200 square meters, including 310 will be dedicated to student life. “100% of the concrete is painted in a low-carbon mass and a massive solar shading system will be installed. The roof will have 180 photovoltaic panels.”“, – says Xavier Leroux. 35 trees will be preserved, 65 trees will be planted.

Three additional buildings will also be modernized and geothermal heating has been chosen (more economical).

The hydraulic basin project will also be submitted to the water agency soon. These will be open flood control ponds.

Finally, work will begin this year to develop the natural area to the west of the campus at the level of the Saint-Michel hill. Sports and research activities can be imagined on ten hectares of land.

“Generalized alternative energy, maximum regeneration and creating a campus heart are our three directions for this operation”concluded the president of the university.


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