8 reasons not to buy a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Given the success of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we can’t wait to see how its successor builds on its best qualities.

However, before you hit the buy button, keep in mind that the device has a number of drawbacks to consider in order to make a more informed purchasing decision. Here are the top eight reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

1. Price increase outside the US


Image credit: Samsung

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the same as its predecessor in the US, starting at $1,199. However, the device is more expensive in other regions than last time – probably due to inflation and increased manufacturing costs.

We think the reason Samsung hasn’t raised the price in the US is because buyers don’t think the device is too expensive compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099. After all, the US is Samsung’s main market.

If you live elsewhere, you will have to pay more for the same product. Some regions don’t even get pre-order gifts like free Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watches, which adds insult to injury.

In Samsung’s defense, the device comes with 256GB of primary storage instead of 128GB, so it’s not technically a price increase as you’re getting more storage for a higher price. Nevertheless, it is bad that there is no possibility to choose a cheaper model.

If you need help deciding, find out how much to spend on a smartphone.

2. Almost same design as S22 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra lavender color
Image credit: Samsung

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is almost identical to its predecessor, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. This is a good thing because the design is really nice, but a bad thing because there is nothing new or unique to like about the new model.

You could say that iPhones all look the same, and that’s not really a problem. While this is true, we can’t help but notice that having the same design hurts the glory and bragging rights of the device, especially for people who care about such things. . Fortunately, new color options soften the blow a bit.

3. Battery life may not be the best

When we compared the Galaxy S and Galaxy A series, we found that the former does not offer significantly better battery life despite its higher price. Part of the reason is the S Pen silo inside the S23 Ultra, which takes up a lot of space that could otherwise be used to accommodate a larger battery.

If battery life is your top priority, consider the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Red Magic 8 Pro, or even the mid-range Galaxy A series phone, at least until the results are in. S23 Ultra battery tests.

4. S Pen is unnecessary for most people


Removing the S Pen from the Galaxy S22 Ultra
Image credit: Samsung

Last year, Samsung decided to merge the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy S series, considering the growing similarities between the two. Thus, the Galaxy S22 Ultra became the first Galaxy S phone with an integrated S Pen stylus.

Although the S Pen stylus has some great features and is nice to have, it’s not necessary for most people. Basically, your phone is a portal to your favorite apps, and most apps aren’t designed to use a stylus.

Having a built-in stylus only makes sense for people who create artwork, sign documents, or regularly take notes on their phone. If that’s not your case, consider getting the regular Galaxy S23 instead, as it’s cheaper.

5. He is tall and big

The Galaxy S22 Ultra was already uncomfortable to hold due to its large size and boxy shape, and the S23 Ultra is no different. We use our phones every day, and as time passes, the difficulty of holding and carrying such a large phone becomes more and more apparent.

And let’s not forget that most people put a case and screen protector on their phone, which adds to the thickness. If you have smaller hands, that’s another reason to consider the base Galaxy S23 or S23+.

6. Some flagship features are exaggerated


Galaxy S23 Ultra video recording
Image credit: Samsung

Part of what you pay for when you buy an expensive flagship is the novelty of being able to use premium features. But many of these features are overrated and don’t really significantly improve your user experience.

For example, Samsung likes to brag about its ability to record 8K video, but that’s obviously meaningless because most people can’t tell the difference between 4K video and 8K video.

Likewise, using a 200MP resolution not only takes up more storage space, but also dramatically increases shutter lag, so you won’t be able to capture moving subjects as easily. Remember that social media and messaging apps compress your photos, so the other person won’t be able to appreciate your high-resolution photos anyway.

7. It has the same charging speed as the S22 Ultra.

Although battery life has improved slightly with the new chip, the Galaxy S23 Ultra still supports the same 45W charging speed. At a time when other Android manufacturers are offering 100W or more charging, Samsung remains infuriatingly conservative.

You also don’t get a charger in the box like last time. This is a shame.

8. Samsung phones don’t hold their value like iPhones

The unfortunate consequence of buying a Samsung phone, mid-range or flagship, is that it will lose about a third of its market value within months of owning it. In comparison, iPhones hold their value very well and are therefore more economical if you plan to sell your phone after a few years.

When you trade in your old Galaxy phone, you have to believe that Samsung offers good value.

The S23 Ultra is great, but not perfect

Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s shortcomings, you can decide whether the device is still worth it. Either way, you’ll get a better deal if you live in the US and reserve the phone before the sale and get a $50 store credit. Even better if you can get a free pre-order offer like extra storage or Galaxy Buds.

In our opinion, if you already own the S22 Ultra, you should probably skip the S23 Ultra. Sure, it has a better chip and improved camera system, but the device is more refined than revolutionary. But if you have an older model, the S23 Ultra should definitely be on your radar.

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