the royal family hikes in Arikok National Park, visits the university and explores the features of the Caribbean

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Princess Amalia of the Netherlands made their second visit to Aruba on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. The day was busy again for the heir to the throne, who set foot on this Caribbean island belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the first time, to discover as much as possible. The family, among other things, visited an aloe vera plantation and visited the university and Aruba’s largest national park.

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Hiking in Arikok National Park, which covers 20% of Aruba

Early in the morning, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Princess Catharina-Amalia left their hotel for their second day in Aruba. Aruba is the second stop on the royal family’s two-week tour of six Dutch Caribbean territories. Three territories are municipalities of the Netherlands, and three territories, including Aruba, are self-governing states of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

An early start for hiking in Arikok National Park before the weather gets too hot on January 31 (Photo: RVD)

The day begins with a visit to Arikok National Park, a 34 square kilometer protected area that is home to a rich and diverse flora and fauna. The royal family took a stroll through the park, which covers about 20% of all of Aruba.

A guided tour of this national park, which covers 20% of the entire surface of the country of Aruba (Photo: RVD)
Princess Catharina-Amalia and her parents in Arikok (Image: RVD)

After the walk, Princess Amalia and the royal couple chatted with young rangers and rangers at Arikok National Park. Some are involved in maintenance and others in management. They also discussed with the director of the documentary about this beautiful nature.

The Dutch royal family poses with the rangers who maintain the national park (Photo: RVD)
The Orange Princess chats with park rangers (Image: RVD)
Queen Maxima learns more about the work of the guards at Arikok (Photo: RVD)
The King of the Netherlands discusses with Arikok’s guards (Photo: RVD)

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Visit an aloe vera manufacturer

The second visit of the day on Tuesday was with an aloe vera producer. Royal Aruba Aloe has been producing aloe vera skin care products since 1890. The company grows the plant in fields and then processes the leaves to make various products.

The second visit of the day takes place at an aloe vera producer (Photo: RVD)
Princess Amalia learns how to grow aloe vera leaves before turning them into cosmetics (Photo: RVD)
King Willem-Alexander receives explanations about planting aloe (Photo: RVD)
The royal family has the right to hold a workshop to learn how to process plants known for their medicinal properties (Photo: RVD)
Princess Amalia spends her second day in Aruba full of discoveries (Photo: RVD)

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Later, the Dutch Royal Family visited the University of Aruba. They attended a conference on the peculiarities of Caribbean law. Then they took a quiz on the topic to see if they were paying attention. After the conference and mini game, they were able to have a discussion with the students. The Prince of Orange was particularly interested in interacting with young people his own age. Amalia started her university career in September 2022 in Amsterdam.

The royal family attends a conference on Caribbean law during their visit to the University of Aruba (Photo: RVD)
Princess Amalia, who will start university in September 2022, meets young academics her age (Photo: RVD)
The King of the Netherlands talks with professors and university officials (Photo: RVD)
Queen Maxima interacts with teachers and students (Photo: RVD)

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Sports Tour and Dance Party in Aruba

For further visits, the family was divided into two groups. King Willem-Alexander and his heir visited a football academy, while Queen Maxima met a market gardener.

In her turn, Queen Maxima visited the family of market gardeners (Photo: RVD)
The Queen is interested in the development of the local producers’ market (Photo: RVD)
A visit to the greenhouse and its tomato plants (Photo: RVD)
Her husband and daughter provided a sporting visit during Queen Maxima’s visit (Photo: RVD)

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The King and Prince of Orange received an explanation about Compleho Deportivo Frans Figaroa’s football academy. Young talents receive football training here in cooperation with the Dutch Football Association (KNVB).

The day ends at Fort Zoutman, where the Bon Bini Festival takes place. The royal couple and the princess ended their day in style in a carnival atmosphere as they browsed the stalls of traders selling local products. Thus ends the stay of the royal couple and the Prince of Orange in Aruba. The next day, the royal family boarded a ship to reach CuraƧao.

In the evening, the family relaxed by visiting the Bon Bini Festival (Photo: RVD)
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