Samsung Galaxy S23: here’s everything that’s changed compared to the S22

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra this Wednesday, February 1. A number of premium smartphones that CNEWS was able to preview to better understand the differences with the elders of the S22 family released a year ago.

This is a new turning point for image lovers. Samsung introduced the new flagships of the year: Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra. Three expected models presented at the launch event in San Francisco, USA on February 1. With prices ranging from €959 for the cheapest Galaxy S23 to €1,839 for the most expensive S23 Ultra, the event highlights the new features that will equip these smartphones, whose commercial launch is scheduled for February 17.

Rising prices

Inflation was already affecting its competitors’ phones, with Samsung announcing a price hike for the Galaxy S23. Compared to the prices of the Galaxy S22 released last year, the increase is an average of 100 euros. Thus, the S22 (128 GB) is sold for 859 euros, while the S23 (128 GB) is listed at 959 euros. The Galaxy S23+ (128GB) starts at €1,219, while the S22+ starts at €1,059. Finally, the flagship of the family, the S23 Ultra (256GB), will be offered at 1,419 euros, with the S22 Ultra betting on a starting price of 1,259 euros, an increase of 160 euros. Growth in line with what the competition and the market are offering as a whole. Finally, it should be noted that the most expensive version of the series based on the S23 Ultra (1 TB) will cost 1,839 euros.

From February 1st to February 16th, pre-order offers double the storage at the same prices. An interesting point, for example, for customers who pre-ordered a model S23 256 GB, the S23 128 GB will be available at a price of 959 euros in the evening.

More consistent design

If a few customers noted the difference between the S22 and S22+ compared to the S22 Ultra, which introduced the inlay of sensors in its body, the new S23 range in 2023 is designed to make the three models more homogeneous. can be quickly determined. Therefore, Galaxy S fans now have the right to use these sensors integrated into the frames without any obstacles. A design gesture that further refines the image of the S23s and thus makes them more elegant. However, note that the S23 and S23+ retain the rounded edges while the Ultra model, which incorporates the more massive and popular S Pen, stays in a more angular format.

On the display side, Samsung ditches the curved panels on the sides to provide a flatter surface. The panels remain among the best on the market, and Samsung offers them in three formats. 6.1 inches for the S23 and 6.6 inches for the S23+, both in FHD+ format, while the S23 Ultra is 6.8 inches in QHD+ format.

Impressive camera setup

If there’s one thing that symbolizes the Galaxy S series, it’s its photography equipment, where Samsung puts its know-how and innovation every year. A true technological showcase, the S23 Ultra is here armed with the best of its 2023 vintage. This premium model offers a 200 Mpixel main sensor for capturing shots with an impressive level of detail.

However, it is important to alternate with a 12 Mpixel sensor that brings more light for very heavy shots, so for night or low-light photos. Obviously, we find a sensor dedicated to portraits with 12 Mpixel ultra-wide angle, 10 Mpixel 10x optical zoom, but also 3x zoom (10 Mpixel).


By including a 200 Mpixel sensor, Samsung is making a show of strength here, ditching the 108 Mpixel sensor that came with the S22 Ultra. For photographers, know that with this super sensor it will be possible to export files natively in RAW format. It is also possible to choose the 50 Mpixel option to find a compromise between detail and openness.

Finally, the facility will be able to shoot up to 8K movies at 30 frames per second. Finally, the 12 Mpixel front sensor for selfies is also part of the better quality game for night selfies, we explain at Samsung.

As for the S23 and S23+ models, Samsung remains with 50 Mpixel wide angle, 12 Mpixel ultra wide angle and 3x optical zoom. The classic is already proven in the S22 range, but it returns here with some software improvements.

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