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This Wednesday, February 1, the President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, Renaud MUSELIER, Vice-President of the Regions of France, went to the University of Toulon together with Hubert FALCO, in particular, the President of the Metropolis Toulon Provence Méditerranée. Mayor of Toulon, former minister, Jean-Louis MASSON, President of the Department of Var and Xavier LEROUX, President of the University of Toulon.

Together, they participated in the presentation of Toulon University’s projects for the various transformations of the campus until 2030, including the Eco Campus project, which will offer an eco-responsible and open university park to the city. On this occasion, the President of the region reminded of the commitment of the region to innovations in the service of young people and environmental protection. The southern region has always mobilized for the success of the students of the University of Toulon.

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“To offer the best educational conditions, we are mobilizing for the development of the University of Toulon, especially with the Eco Campus project, which we have financed for 3.5 million euros. This project will offer a university park that is eco-responsible and open to the city. This University is further proof of the excellence of the training offers in the South region, which are directly aimed at the needs of companies and the professions of the future. There is no greater pleasure than thinking, improving, creating an educational institution in the service of our youth. »
President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region,
Vice President of the Regions of France

Innovation in the service of youth in the southern region

The University of Toulon is supported by the South Region under the CPER 2021-2027.

Adopted on April 29, 2022, 3 projects led by the University of Toulon have been selected with a contribution of 4.65 million euros from the Region:

• 1 “SEDOMAR” research project with a total cost of €375,000. This project aims to develop a collaborative, interconnected platform that enables collaborative research and project development around data analysis and protection,
• 2 real estate projects: the creation of a higher education center in the center of Toulon with a participation of €1.5 million and the Eco Campus project financed by the Region with €3 million.

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Also, within the CPER 2015-2020, 3 projects led by the University of Toulon were supported by the Region in the amount of 7.25 million euros:

• 2 real estate projects: “FAST” project with a contribution of 3.35 million euros from the Region and “IUT Renov” project financed with 3.5 million euros from the Region,
• 1 “RESPORE” research project with a contribution from the Region of €400,000. This project aims to structure the scientific skills of the different laboratories of the University of Toulon through an innovative platform.

In addition, the University of Toulon is committed to the maritime defense component as well as to the maritime industry. This positioning is directly related to the topics concentrated within the Operations of Regional Interest (OIR) “Maritime economy” and “Economic industry”. the future’, ‘the energies of tomorrow’ or even ‘Smart technology’. This university also has 5 technological platforms involved in the structuring of regional strategic sectors by promoting the implementation of R&D works and spin-offs.

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Regional support for research, innovation and student success since 2016

• “Research” call for projects: The University of Toulon received support from the Region for 11 projects worth more than 437,900 euros.
• Call for “Jobs for Young PhD Students” projects: the University of Toulon received support from the Region for 31 doctoral contracts worth more than 2.2 million euros.
• Call for “Young innovative doctors” projects aimed at supporting the creation of innovative start-ups or technology transfer operations as a result of research work, the University of Toulon received support for 1 project worth 33,750 euros,
• Call for “Student entrepreneurship support” projects, the University has benefited from regional support within the subsidy granted to the PEPITE cluster (Student cluster for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship) in Provence-Alpes-Côte since 2017. azure,
• Since 2008, the state has launched the “Cordées de la Réussite” scheme, which aims to promote access to higher education for young people regardless of socio-cultural background. The region, under SRESRI, has confirmed its support for this system to increase the number of secondary school students supported. Since 2018, the University of Toulon has been involved in this system through 3 ip parties and has therefore benefited from a regional intervention of 24,500 euros.

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