Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Game Review (PC, Xbox Series, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Switch)

Fly a second time with the Mikado in the helmet!

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A long and glorious history

Raidenis the emblem of shoot themA banner that loudly carries and clarifies the Golden Age confusions. Raiden is inevitable, academic, but also a series that resists the pain and confusion of the video game world. Indeed, if the Golden Age confusions created by a now far-flung, almost forgotten series for some Seibu Kaihatsuable to face the winds of change. Raiden IV x MIKADO the remix is ​​proof of that!

It started with a full eruption in 1990 shootRaiden has been able to establish itself in various media and forms almost every year following this initial success (Jet series, Viper stage). Raiden, modernized by the third episode from 2005, was able to adapt to a less and less but increasingly specialist audience.

Raiden IV In 2007, he picked up the torch and offered a real challenge to his big fans who were always looking for challenges; it was so successful that an “OverKill” version was released earlier in 2014 on PS3 Raiden V who had left the same bitten to their hunger.

How to find emotion?

Therefore, it is the fourth episode that leaves the best memories. So Moss Co. Ltd. in this new version moved the red ship above the skies of Switch Mikado remix. Rejoicing in its success, the publisher finally offered to revive this icon, cold and gray as boredom at the beginning of the year, on PC.

But how does one push the boundaries of the genre for a title that has stood out for its beauty style all these years? How to avoid the unpleasant surprise of repetition in a world of players who are increasingly bored with all kinds of discoveries and innovations?

This problem was not for Moss. The editor, who spends so many hours on these apocalyptic shmups, knows the reasons that fuel these hits, and he understands that the music mainly rhythms this madness. So why not turn this standard around with a more up-to-date and crazier soundtrack?

New flight

The job was done, and Moss wasn’t far off to collect this nugget found in the lair of the most passionate, most passionate man. Mikado Game Center In the center of Tokyo. This well-known place, the spearhead of arcade gaming, a steadfast form in the face of the genre’s increasingly obvious erosion, has produced a mad cast of musicians to bring us this impressive soundtrack that makes all the difference.

This difference is felt immediately upon contact with our fiery red vessel. It is this breath of sound that revives our memories and makes us want to perform the most beautiful acrobatics using a ship that has not lost any of its luster. Strong, energetic, it restores our faith and belief in a genre we miss so much.

Always a lot of fun

The levels follow each other and the pleasure you give and receive increases! Thanks to the excellent difficulty system, the challenge is always more or less configurable. There’s something for everyone, making Raiden IV a benchmark that never stops.

There are other little things that will keep you entertained for hours. Of course the Arcade version has been used and abused, but especially Overkill and the add-on version that offers a different approach to the dares on offer.

Same mistakes

However, Raiden won’t walk away without a few scratches. The same cares that always remind us that perfection is not of this world. Reduced screen for non-first-timers (especially portable “PCeists”.) what every fanatic of the genre should have: a portrait display. Otherwise, two large stripes occupying most of the screen will spoil the always pleasant visual impression of the game.

Another recurring concern: bonus pellets. In Overkill, ships destroyed by your aircraft will leave behind bonuses that yield points for each scorer looking forward to it. But the color and shape combine with the patterns of the enemies, and it’s not always easy to see in these impressive battles.

The last big negative: the speed of our plane. Speed ​​was definitely reviewed after the lymphatic Raiden III, but it remains a breeze to this day. It is a pity that this point was not reconfigured as in Raiden V, more dynamic; the battles would be even more breathless, especially with the accompaniment of this magical music.

We are loyal to tradition and we are right

Of course, this version can be criticized for not making any real significant additions in content or technique. Granted, the graphics date back to the present day, and the effects look pale in 2022. But it would be very dangerous to touch the “untouchables”, especially for this type of players, for those who are fond of traditional and icons. a disgraceful look, such as the modernized and haloed graphics of 2.5D. This risk was not accepted by Moss.

Yes, it would be an adventure to tarnish this original success. Indeed, Raiden IV x MIKADO Remix is ​​a shmup character that is balanced, powerful, and long enough to keep the most demanding of us on edge. And it’s not really thumbnails add-ons to entertain galleries and other gadgets that a true enthusiast is looking for. It is the energy released by the game, its power and desire to do better, better and always better, that will re-invigorate the angry people of today, rediscovering these powerful relics of the past with the same fervor.


Game Test - Score 8

What we really like

  • Still effective
  • Challenge for all levels
  • Two high-quality soundtracks
What we like less

  • No graphic changes
  • It can be a bit expensive

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Note that the trial version is open computer. The game is also available on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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