FORTNITE X Dragon Ball Super: Gohan and Piccolo Go Down in Battle Royale – Dragon Ball Super

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 31st, Fortnite got the update right 23.30. This update kicked off the second part of the collaboration between Fortnite and the Dragon Ball Super series with in-game arrivals. Gohan and Piccolo. The two characters are represented here in their version of the film Dragon Ball Super Super Heroes ». Gohan can also be played in his Ultimate version as a Super Saiyan. Piccolo meanwhile in his basic version or ” Unleashed potential “. Like other characters of the first part of the collaboration, released in August 2022, Gohan and Piccolo are not free, players must spend V-Bucks to get them.

So here are all the details for this second installment of the Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite collaboration via the game’s official website.

FORTNITE X Dragon Ball Super: Gohan and Piccolo descend on Battle Royale

You’ve tasted the power of augmented reality, get ready to repeat the experience with the return of Fortnite x Dragon Ball. On the occasion of the 23.30 update, Son Gohan and Piccolo From Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO lands in Fortnite accompanied by an attack object Kamehameha and displacement object Magic Cloud (Kinto’s) those have been re-applied. In addition, dragon ball adventure island is back!

Push your limits again in Battle Royale

Launch Kaméhaméha, a devastating energy attack, and fly over the island with (Kinto’s) Magic Cloud during your Battle Royale and Zero Construction games! These objects fall from the sky in the form of capsules with increasing frequency as the storm approaches. Expect epic clashes at the end of the game.

Both of these items will remain in Battle Royale and Zero Build until the 23.40 update.

Beyond Battle Royale: Dragon Ball’s Island of Adventure is back

The adventure continues!

Go on an adventure in search of Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Adventure Island. Designed by the creative team of Vysena Studios, this island is inspired by famous Dragon Ball locations. Goku’s housethe the palace of the godsthe room of spirit and time or even Planet Beerus ! At any point in your adventure, you can show off your power Tenkaichi BudokaiPvP arena.

Fortnite x DBS collaboration: Gohan Piccolo

Complete and unlock weekly Dragon Ball tasks on this island starting January 31 at 3:00 PM (CET). Piccolo Orange aerosol. Additionally, starting February 7th at 15:00 (CET), complete and unlock new weekly Dragon Ball challenges. Gohan Beast Aerosol ! Dragon Ball’s Adventure Island can be accessed from the Discover menu or by island code 5642-8525-5429.

Fortnite x DBS collaboration: Gohan Piccolo

The Dragon Ball set reveals its power

Whether you’re unleashing your power in Battle Royale or collecting Dragon Balls in Adventure Island, you can do it as Son Gohan or Piccolo. These new outfits, along with their accessories, are now available in the Item Shop!

Ultimate Gohan Outfit

Fortnite x DBS collaboration: Gohan Piccolo

Go over the limit! use it Final Gohan outfit accompanied by an internal emote Gohan’s that buildup to convert you super saiyan. (Super Saiyan style can be selected in the locker.)

Son Gohan’s accessories

Accessories are also available to accompany Son Gohan’s outfit:

  • Gohan’s Cloak back bling – A gift from Piccolo to encourage him to continue his training. (This accessory is included with the Son Gohan outfit and can only be used with it.)
  • Gohan’s wild ax pick – Free yourself from your shackles! (Reactive – when it hits a weak spot, electricity passes through it.)
  • Capsule glider N°576 – Owned by Capsule Corporation.

Piccolo dress

Unleash your inner power. Use your inner emotion Piccolo’s ki buildup with his clothes Piccolo to display the version The Force Awakens by Piccolo. (The Force Awakens style can also be selected from the closet.)

Piccolo Accessories

The accessories available with the Piccolo outfit are:

  • Piccolo’s Cape and Turban Back Bling – A hood and turban that Piccolo can put on and take off with his demonic powers. (Includes Picolo outfit. Can only be used with this outfit.)
  • Piccolo’s Demon Symbol Back Bling – Badge once worn by Piccolo. (Includes Piccolo outfit.)
  • Piccolo’s Portable House Drawing – Piccolo’s shell-shaped house.
  • Red ribbon army glider – The red ribbon belongs to the army.

Time to get back to training.

Speaking of Dragon Ball set, expect some old Dragon Ball items to be re-introduced to the store soon!

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