Internship in a general license at the university: is it really possible?

A general license does not have a professional designation. Also, experience is rarely mandatory. The numbers bear this out: in the 2020-2021 academic year, only 16% of undergraduate students completed an internship. However, internships are still possible, especially in the third year of the license.

It’s not easy to get an internship at a company during your general undergraduate studies. This three-year study is general in nature and allows you to acquire a foundation of knowledge before specializing in a master’s degree. So in most universities you will be able to practice during your general licencealthough patience is required…

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Practice in the third year of general licensure

general license, especially in the third year of your license you can do an internship. Internships during the first and second years of licensure are rare, but not impossible. And indeed, according to a flash note from SIES, the statistical service of the Ministry of Higher Education, the proportion of trainees increases dramatically year by year: only 3% in L1, 37% in L3. Progress continues in the Masters, where 61% of students undertake an internship at M2.

The University of Bordeaux-Montaigne provides, for example, as does the University of the Littoral Cote d’Opale. compulsory internship for undergraduate students, and offer voluntary experience from L1. Purpose: to familiarize students with certain professions and find a balance between theory and practice during their training.

However, undergraduate internships remain difficult to find. This is the work of Margaux, who is currently at L3 Info-com at the University of Lille and is looking for an internship for April: “Companies are primarily looking for individuals with a master’s degree or at least one year of experience. “Inexperienced companies are not very interested in training and paying.”

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Support to find experience during the license

In order to find experience, universities are increasingly supporting students in their research beyond the undergraduate by sharing experience offers, optimizing their CVs even by organizing meetings with professionals, as in Bordeaux-Montagne.

But be careful, not all universities offer experience even at L3 level, either compulsory or optional. Therefore it is necessary inform yourself well before making your choice, if you want to make a choice.

The stress begins to mount for Margaux. After sending out nearly 50 applications, he still hasn’t received any feedback. “It’s only been a few days that the university has been talking to us about our search for an internship. They tell us that we still have time to find one, while there are currently only five people who have found an internship.”

don’t panic many companies start looking for interns a few weeks in advance start date. Nothing is played!

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The best way to prepare for the rest of your studies

For students who have the opportunity and chance to do an internship as part of their general license, this experience is often beneficial for them. Romane is an L3 life science undergraduate student majoring in BBMC (biotechnology, molecular and cellular biology) at the University of Orleans. During her final year of licensure, the young woman was able to complete a non-compulsory internship and gained many positive results from it.

This experience gave him real practical added value in a more theoretical university degree: “Interning and diving really pushed me forward. This experience also allowed me to decide whether or not bench work is for me – for example, in biology.”

More general licensing practices?

So, should we make seniority mandatory in the general license? Even if a bachelor’s degree is not designed to professionalize students, are they sufficiently prepared for the future and especially ready to combine a master’s degree? Is an internship for a bachelor’s degree often a real plus?

Romane believes that “we should definitely give more value less restrictive voluntary internship opportunity (except AKTS) and less stressful for students. There is no pressure to find an internship, as it is not necessary to confirm the university year.’

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