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Fortnite Creative mode players can take advantage of the 23.30 update on January 31, alongside the update posted to the Battle Royale mode. Several additions have been made since the start of Fortnite Chapter 4, such as the appearance of NPCs, hiding galleries, and sky jellyfish. Also, many issues have been resolved.


Crowd volume is a device that allows a group of cheering NPCs to appear. These can fill the stands with competitions, concerts or any other experience that requires an audience. You can set the density of the crowd, the size of the volume, as well as the random placement of NPCs in space.


Hiding the Prop Gallery
The Hideouts gallery has three different props for players to hide in: a dumpster, a haystack, and a mobile toilet. You can use them to create a new kind of hide-and-seek game that isn’t just a prop hunt. Since you can customize which teams and classes can use these hideouts, you can create new game modes using these items.

You can also customize props so that multiple players can hide in a hideout, or specify whether a prop has a sound effect or moves when occupied. You can also set a time limit before the player is ejected from hiding or unhide the player with signals from the device using triggers or events.


If you enable the option Can be hired guards generator, new option Can accept orders it seems if set Yes, allows you to control recruited guards by giving them various commands. The following commands are displayed in a new HUD element, the command wheel:

  • Lend
  • Hold on
  • Watch it
  • Reject

All guards with commands activated can be controlled by the player, and players can command up to 3 engaged guards at the same time.


Blue Jelly
The celestial jellyfish is already available in the selection friendly of wildlife generator. Sky jellyfish are beneficial creatures that roam the world with the sole purpose of healing any creature that comes near them. If wild animals or players approach the Heavenly Medusa, it will swim towards them and heal them if they are not maxed. Players can interact with Celestial Medusa to get HP faster.

When a player jumps into a Sky Jellyfish, they bounce back and become immune to falling for a short time. Players can shoot a Sky Jellyfish to blow them up, causing a Shockwave (instead of a Healing Wave) that will blow up other nearby Sky Jellyfish.


Use the Bush Bomb on your island to allow players to throw large bushes onto the island to hide or stagger their opponents.



  • New Cyberville prefabs:
    • Cybertown Building A
    • Cybertown Building B
    • Cybertown Building C
    • Building Cyberville D
    • Cybertown Building E
    • Building Cybertown F
  • News Cyberville galleries:
    Little Cyber ​​City Gallery
    • Cybertown Buildings Gallery A (props)
    • Cybercity Buildings Gallery B (props)
    • Cybercity Buildings Gallery C (props)
    • Cybertown Buildings Gallery D (props)
    • Cybertown Accessories Gallery A
    • Cybertown Accessories Gallery B
    • Modern interior gallery (accessories)
    • Destroyed Floor Gallery (props)
    • Refueling gallery (accessories)
  • New gallery Video player screen: it contains a collection of customizable screens that can replicate the image of the video player. Turn your video into a holographic screen, a series of floating cubes, and more. broadcast on.
  • New gallery Responsive Skins: Use neon lights and equalizer bars to give your island a personalized and colorful skin. They can even react to the music playing on the island. You can also place them on buildings or props!
  • News EQ Background Buildings and EQ Background Skyscrapers galleries:
    • Gallery Equalizer Effect Background Buildings A
    • Gallery Equalizer Effect Background Buildings B
    • Gallery Equalizer Effect Background Buildings C
    • Equalizer Effect Background Skyscraper Gallery A
    • Equalizer Effect Background Skyscraper Gallery B
    • Equalizer Effect Background Skyscraper Gallery C
    • Equalizer Effect Background Skyscraper Gallery D
    • Equalizer Effect Background Skyscraper Gallery E
    • Equalizer effect background Skyscraper Gallery A
    • Skyscraper Peak Gallery of Equalizer Effect Background B
  • New additions Disco Gallery: Added new music accessories like laptop, drum, mixer and more to this gallery.


  • wildlife generator : This device has been adjusted so that its visual effects, like other devices, only appear in Creative mode.
  • Loot Checker (Battle Royale Island) : Bosses drop loot packs regardless of loot configuration unless “No Loot” is selected.
  • Deployment Console (Battle Royale Island) : The Battle Bus now has an option that allows you to configure the deployment height.


  • Repaint the square (only if you have advanced devices) : added new options to repaint square:
    • Alternate square shape
    • Alternate square-shaped primary starting color
    • Alternate square shape starting from the top color
    • Alternate square icon
    • The icon appears when you start the game
    • Show icon
    • Hide icon
    • Change color when interacting with player (channels or event/function selection)
    • Enable Flash (Channels or Events/Feature selection)
    • Turn off flashing (channels or events/function selection)



  • Fixed issues with propellers and fans in the IO Airship (prop) and Pandora (prop) galleries.
  • Fixed an issue where flat caves of various Cliff galleries could not be placed or pasted.


  • Fixed an issue where teleportation would fail if players stepped over an obstacle.
  • Fixed an issue where sequences would not work properly if loops were set to Infinite.
  • The problem of displaying disabled props attached to the support manipulator in the game has been solved.
  • Fixed an issue where the button wouldn’t reset if it wasn’t sending a signal on the channel.
  • Fixed the issue of springboards not being placed in the middle of the ground.


  • Fixed an issue where players could increase the volume of Advanced Change Zones even if there was an option Allow construction was assigned Nope.
  • Fixed an issue where there was an option Weapon Category Followed where the enhanced tracker suggests incorrect values.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when the creator selected multiple upgraded devices at once and tried to place the selected group in the hotbar.
  • Fixed an issue where upgraded devices would cause guards to spawn at their patrol nodes instead of spawning at the device’s location.


  • Fixed the Battle Royale island icon to show the Chapter 4 map.
  • Fixed traffic light texture issue on Flotilla Island.
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom of some Canyon Island elements were not visible.
  • Fixed some maps not loading.
  • Fixed an issue where creating an island using the same model as another player’s island required manual renaming of the island if the first island had a default name.
  • Fixed an issue with values ​​for selection Special post-game scoreboard the endgame device and My Island settings had a different name (although they worked fine).


  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Royale Island loot checker would place items in chests from previous Battle Royale seasons. Current Battle Royale.
  • Fixed issue on Battle Royale island, hence option Team Time Live Tracking Method My Island’s Interface tab created a systematic connection when the option was selected The shortest.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted players would retain recovery cards even after players switched teams.

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