E3 2023 without Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox? Disturbing news

Game News E3 2023 without Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox? Disturbing news

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Three of the video game industry’s major manufacturers are considering pulling out of E3, which is scheduled for next summer.

However E3 should have gone back to the “classic” formula looks like it promises a great face-to-face convention Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony may opt out

A new kind of E3… without constructors?

Of Los Angeles will next host E3 from June 13-16, 2023 head-to-head, four years after the last “classic” edition of the event. In In 2020, E3 was just and simply cancelled due to the pandemic, In 2021, the show took place, but only onlineand It was canceled again in 2022. This time, ESA had announced with certainty The show returns for the second week of June 2023. If the show is held again at the Los Angeles Convention Center, it will be The English firm is organized a little differently since ReedpopKnown for hosting PAX events, New York Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration each year, It will host E3 2023. Reedpop had explained what he wanted launch new type E3and working with ESA to fix a show that was losing momentum and popularity these last years. Whether no builderswill definitely be a “new kind of E3″…

Xbox, Sony and Nintendo will not be participating this year

This IGN reveals the resulting information several sources close to the media. According to them, neither Xbox, PlayStation, nor Nintendo are planning to go to E3 2023.. PlayStation had already opted out in 2019, then failed to surprise. It is certain that the news is not only less surprising today several canceled publications, but above all a change of direction in communication within our industry.

After this, manufacturers (and increasingly publishers) organize their own events, sometimes physical and sometimes online only. Xbox has already announced after the Developer Direct that a The “annual showcase” will be held in Los Angeles this summer, but I’m not talking about E3. So it will probably have to wait Xbox – Bethesda conference, specifically introducing StarfieldOn the sidelines of E3.

As for Nintendo, the manufacturer, has developed the Nintendo Direct format well, and this year can do without E3. Usually The Japanese manufacturer still maintains its position at the exhibitionbut it seems this time even this existence is questioned By IGN sources. Especially since then The Nintendo Switch is nearing the end of its life and the builder won’t necessarily have many big games to present this summer.

Therefore, Sony and Nintendo can be content with live streaming on their side, maybe on the sidelines of E3, if they have something to show. Anyway, one thing is certain for IGN’s sources: none of the three manufacturers will participate in the exhibition.

E3: An overpriced show that doesn’t allow you to stand out and… poorly organized this year?

There is several reasons that could make manufacturers avoid E3. The most obvious is such a living room too expensive for exhibitorsand the return on investment is very visible it’s less profitable than when you promote your games and consoles at a streaming conference. Then, as we have already said, the living room itself was losing momentum these last years. This vicious circle, the more major players leave E3, the more popular it will becomeand therefore more other actors will be inclined to abandon it, and so on.

Note that too ESA has been criticized for several years, more or less openly designed by certain players in the industry. Whether Sony skipped E3 2019, with several rumors claiming it was partly due to disagreements with the ESA on how to highlight at the show and during conferences. By organizing their own events, builders/publishers without anyone’s consent and avoid the direct comparisons that happen after a show that confuses everyone Like E3.

Finally, record this edition in particular has many problems. According to IGN sources, according to the organization, ESA became frustrated after several mishandled edits. This is claimed by the above sources several of the show’s former core organizers left ESAleaves the new Reedpop arranger undertake. The latter is also criticized by one of the media sources. According to him, Reedpop would lack clarity in its organizationand this is worrying.

It’s not clear that the organizers at Reedpop knew what they wanted to create with E3, which is strange considering Reedpop does such a great job with PAX twice a year. Organizers need to know how to run an event like E3 perfectly. (…) Who knows where the real problem comes from: Is ESA responsible? Any concerns on the Reedpop side? There’s a real buzz around E3 from game publishers, it’s frustrating that there’s no permanent solution to make the convention work properly.

this summer so expect to see E3, Summer Game Fest, indie conferences from certain manufacturers and/or publishers and perhaps Other side events at E3. Anyway, we imagine so editors will take their time before confirming their availability They wait to see what their peers are doing at the California show.

Source: IGN

E3 2023 will be held June 13-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. If the developers confirm what IGN’s sources say, we will know after a while: their absence.

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