How to configure privacy and online safety settings on Xbox Series X|S

Protecting your privacy on Xbox Series X|S can ensure you have a pleasant experience on your console. But managing your privacy online can be daunting, with countless preferences for how games and apps can use the data you collect, and options for collecting or sending data to you.

Fortunately, Xbox Series X|S consoles have dedicated online security and privacy settings that let you manage all the privacy you need for your Xbox profile and console. So what are your Xbox Series X|S privacy and online safety settings and how do they work? We will learn.

What are the Xbox privacy and online safety settings?

Xbox privacy and online safety settings available on Xbox Series X|S are a set of adjustable preferences and options that affect how your interactions with certain aspects of Xbox and the Xbox network can affect and use your Xbox profile.

By changing your privacy and online security options, you can make sure that Xbox only picks up and displays the content you want. By doing so, you can ensure that your console preferences are the same as yours when it comes to the security and privacy of your Xbox accounts.

Like the ability to configure and select preferences for your power options on the Xbox Series X|S, privacy and security options allow you to tailor your console to your unique needs. For example, if you want to block data sharing with specific apps for your Xbox account, the privacy and security settings allow you to do so.

Preferences are available through privacy and online safety settings on Xbox

Now that you know what Xbox privacy and online security options are generally aimed at, let’s see how the specific settings and options available can affect your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox accounts.

Using your Xbox Series X|S privacy and online safety options, you can set preferences and control how your console affects the following settings:

  • Xbox Privacy: To allow the user to set privileges for individual Xbox accounts to allow access to Xbox usage data. Child, MatureWhere teenagers Defaults.
  • Application Privacycontrol what specific programs are allowed to do with your data.
  • Message SecurityTo prevent unwanted adult content from Xbox Network messages from appearing on your console for specific Xbox accounts.
  • Data collectionDetermine whether Microsoft collects periodic diagnostic and usage data from your console and Xbox account.
Screenshot of privacy and security options on Xbox Series X.

Changing every setting available in privacy and online safety settings is a great way to protect and control how your Xbox account is used on Xbox Series X. This prevents the collection of annoying data or invasion of privacy, while also protecting accounts from potentially harmful content. This prevents any embarrassing data collection or privacy intrusions, while protecting accounts from potentially harmful content.

Along the same lines, you can set up Parental Controls specifically on the Xbox Series X|S to further protect your Xbox accounts from unwanted content, especially where younger users are concerned. However, you still need to adjust your online privacy and security settings to control your account’s privacy settings.

Now that we’ve explained how Xbox Series X|S privacy and online security settings can affect your console and accounts, let’s take a look at how you can get started configuring and changing these settings. Follow these steps to configure or change your privacy and online safety settings on Xbox Series X|S:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • go to options Profile & system and select Parameters.
  • make sure you have the settings for Account highlighted.
  • choose Online privacy and security.
Screenshot of account settings on Xbox Series X, with privacy and online security highlighted.

From here, Xbox Series X|S will ask you to select the following Xbox Privacy, Application Privacy, Message SecurityWhere Data collection. To configure a specific option or adjust all, select one or all of the following options:

  • for Xbox Privacychoose Defects of children, Mistakes of teenagersWhere The mistakes of adults to determine which games and content can be accessed based on the age of a particular account.
A screenshot of the Xbox privacy settings on Xbox Series X, with the default settings for kids highlighted.
  • for Application privacyIn the “App Privacy” section, review each app’s privacy options to tailor its settings to your needs. For example, select Location to enable or disable Location is active to determine whether apps can access your location.
A screenshot of the location settings for App Privacy on Xbox Series X.
  • for Message SecurityChoose whether you have filters for online messages Unfiltered, Mature, AVERAGEWhere friendly to control the type of content you can display in messages.
Screenshot of Xbox Series X message security settings with option
  • for Data collection, Allow Where To block Microsoft’s ability to retrieve your Xbox Series X|S and account information.
Screenshot of data collection options on Xbox Series X with permission.

With a specific setting or all settings configured and tailored to your preferences, you can ensure that your Xbox accounts are supported and ready to go when it comes to privacy and security on Xbox Series X.

Ensure your privacy and security on Xbox Series X|S

By configuring or reviewing your privacy and security options on Xbox, you can make sure your Xbox accounts are protected and treated exactly the way you want them to, no matter what you do. So, you should not face any unpleasant surprises when you play online.

However, privacy and security settings aren’t the only way to stay safe online with the Xbox Series X|S. There are many other ways to make sure your Xbox is a safe and healthy environment for your console gaming style.

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