Finally a professional PlayStation controller?

PS5 gamers finally have a premium PlayStation controller in their hands. Is Sony catching up with the DualSense Edge?

The PS5 has been on the market for two years now, and Sony’s console has managed to sell more than 30 million units worldwide. It took us all this time to find ourselves DualSense Edge, an improved version of the popular PlayStation controller has already caused a sensation after its release. Making the almost perfect even more perfect is the challenge of this new accessory, which we were able to test for a few days.

In the heart of an already well-exploited market, Sony still has one card it can play to differentiate itself: the PlayStation stamp, which is directly linked to its identity and the quality of its products. Are we impressed with the Pro controller or is it still an expensive paid gadget? In the answer This review of the DualSense Edge.


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The DualSense Edge has been scoring from the start. The Pro controller comes with a protective case and accessories, not stand alone. It’s an effort we appreciate, as the box is particularly beautiful. Made of hard plastic, it has the proud white color of the classic PS5 and opens with a zipper. Inside, we find the famous DualSense, which does not bother us much in terms of design.

We find the same majority of colors, black and white, although a few details make all the difference. The action keys as well as the arrows are blacked out and the same goes for the touchpad which has a slightly raised pattern that adds to the controller’s appeal. The black section surrounding the joysticks on the front also swaps out the matte finish for an unconvincingly glossier effect.

If it’s anything to go by, this variation of material tends to mark more fingerprints with use and is more complex to polish. This is a disadvantage for a controller intended for experienced gamers who go on long gaming sessions. Only at the bottom we see that there are two Fn keys. Finally, the rear has some new features with two notched wheels for the triggers, as well as two places to house the paddles/buttons (supplied with the rest).


One detail at the level of grip saddens us. DualSense looks heavy and it really is as it weighs almost 50g on the scale compared to the classic model. It’s inevitable for a professional controller as components and options are added. However, it’s good to remember that the classic DualSense weighs 280g versus 300g for the Scuf Reflex and 328g for the DualSense Edge. If the feel of the weight allows you to anchor better, players prone to frequent tendonitis should avoid investing in this model at the risk of problems. For others, this small weight gain shouldn’t affect how you feel.

One thing that might bother you is the tendency to express yourself through “mechanical” sounds. The DualSense Edge is not a silent controller and sometimes, often makes small clicking noises. This happens when the backlight around the touchpad turns off and on again, or when you press any key. They’re never loud, so it shouldn’t be a concern, but it’s still something to consider.

Finally, Sony is thinking of gamers who can never fit in a charger and offers you a very useful, if anecdotal, accessory. The included connector housing also allows you to connect your included charging cable and connect it to the controller to prevent disconnection at the slightest sudden movement. Nice attention also confirmed in the case with a compartment that can be opened to pass your cable and power the controller directly in its bed.

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That’s why Sony adds a lot of buttons to its original controller – all classic, but for what purpose? The two buttons below the joysticks won’t be used in-game, they’re actually shortcuts to switch profiles, so you’ll need them after you’re done configuring the DualSense Edge. Everything happens directly in the PS5 settings, so you don’t need to download third-party software to take full control of your accessory.

All buttons can be reassigned as desired and up to 4 profiles can be saved. The customization experience goes even further with the back control. Two slots allow you to place buttons or paddles thanks to a very simple magnetic system. This addition is especially commendable, Sony aims for it without overdoing it. In addition, the material quality of the presented accessories assures us of their longevity.

In the game, shovels allow you to perform actions faster by resetting the commands you want. Two for the PlayStation while its competitors generally offer four, a bias that doesn’t bother us too much, but may put off some, more picky. Nevertheless, the ease of installation and overall solidity, as well as the very natural location of the holes and the choice of buttons, are enough to convince us.

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Known and loved for their classic DualSense adaptive triggers. However, they can be a hindrance in certain games that require speed and accuracy. To overcome this problem, Sony incorporates knurled wheels to adjust the travel of triggers from standard to short to medium. The benefits for shooting games are undeniable. The simple fact of being able to change this aspect in real-time on the controller is already a great first for a console. However, we would like to put more effort into the level of the shortest race, which in our opinion is not reactive enough to be truly competitive.

We finish with the joysticks, which have undergone a few changes. First of all, you should know that joystick blocks are completely interchangeable, and this is only thanks to a button and a lever. If you just want to change the caps, you’ll just have to pull the old ones off and replace them with one of the included caps…sorry about that.

There are four lids in the box, but unfortunately they are too similar to be of much use. With one pair of curvy and short and another pair of curvy and long, it’s hard to find our balance knowing that it’s all extremely slippery. Some gamers will certainly find their accounts there, but for us it’s one of the biggest black points of the DualSense Edge. It’s a shame to know that the simplicity of the change is largely proven.

In the settings you will also find a tab to adjust the dead zone of the joysticks and their sensitivity model. You can set a profile based on the type of game you play, which is very effective in theory and practice. All these changes have a cost, and this is reflected in the battery. Already famous for its poor autonomy, the DualSense Edge takes a bit of a hit and certainly won’t last you more than 5-7 hours. Battery life can vary depending on usage, but this average was replicated in our testing.

Does the DualSense Edge have a size?

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As you can see, the DualSense Edge has almost everything, especially in terms of ergonomics and quality. However, its price is being talked about, and rightly so, as the pro controller was listed at €239.99, almost half the original price of the PS5 and €170 more than the classic DualSense. Therefore, it represents a hell of an investment, one that lacks competitive advantages but has a hard time showing off.

As a historical competitor, Microsoft also offers its own version of the professional controller. The Xbox Series Elite 2 controller is similar in every way to the DualSense Edge, but it has more customization options for a starting price of €149.99. Also sold with a case and accessories, it incorporates several models of joysticks (convex and concave), a pair of additional paddles, and has better ergonomics, especially in terms of triggers and non-slip surfaces.

It also has the huge advantage of being fully customizable for just €199.99, which the PlayStation doesn’t offer. The DualSense Edge is therefore undoubtedly a good controller, but it struggles to cope in a professional environment and still errs on the side of value for money. Compared to the Scuf Reflex, it has the advantage of being designed in durable materials and having more accessories to put in your mouth, but once again struggles to compete in terms of physical customization of the product. .

Unlike the gifts we give to our loved ones, Sony can’t tell itself that intention is what counts in such a competitive market. The brand has had the opportunity to make its mark with a sleek and quality controller, but unfortunately it misses the mark in terms of relevance to gamers.

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