6 unique advantages of the Xbox Series X|S over the PS5

Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 have their pros and cons when choosing one platform over another. But when deciding between these two consoles, you might want to know some of their unique advantages over each other.

In the case of the Xbox Series X|S, these unique advantages come together to deliver a user-friendly experience that lets you pick and choose where and how you can play Xbox games. So what are these unique advantages of the Xbox Series X|S over the PlayStation 5? We will find out.

1. X|S Series Backward Compatibility All Generations and Driver Support

One of the best advantages of the Xbox Series X|S over the PlayStation 5 is the backwards compatibility support for each console. Specifically, the Xbox Series X|S consoles outperform the PlayStation 5 in two important aspects in terms of backwards compatibility.

More importantly, if PlayStation 5 supports backwards compatibility, it only allows you to play PlayStation 4 games. This means that you cannot play original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation 5. , you can play Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles.

Xbox Series X|S consoles go even further and offer support for previous generation discs. As for backwards compatibility, as long as the Xbox is on the backwards compatibility list, you can insert your physical games into the Xbox Series X|S to play all your favorite classic Xbox games.

Comparing the advantages of the Xbox Series X|S to the advantages of the PlayStation 5, backwards compatibility support is one of the strengths of the Xbox over the PlayStation. With the Xbox Series X|S, gaming is as easy and accessible as any previous generation Xbox.

2. Xbox Game Pass skips forced streaming and lets you download its entire library to Xbox Series X|S.

For the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus services, the fact that each service can be run on an Xbox or a PlayStation highlights the main advantage of the Xbox Series X|S over the PlayStation 5. This advantage is related to the ability to download games available on Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation. PlayStation Plus.

With PlayStation Plus on PlayStation 5, although you can play and download most titles, you can only stream PlayStation 3 games that are available on your console, as PlayStation 5 cannot play PlayStation 3 games.

Compared to Xbox Game Pass, a service that lets you download all of its titles directly to the Xbox Series X|S, the PlayStation 5’s streaming reliability highlights the clear advantage of owning an Xbox Series X|S.

A screenshot of the store listing highlighting the installation on Xbox Series X via Xbox Game Pass for Fallout: New Vegas.

Let’s say you use or depend on streaming services like Xbox Game Pass to play your games. In this case, the ability to download games available on the Xbox Series X|S guarantees reliability and game quality that the PlayStation 5 cannot offer via streaming.

3. It’s easier to add high-speed SSD storage to the Xbox Series X|S than to the PlayStation 5.

With AAA titles demanding more and more storage space and new updates guaranteeing less storage space, being able to expand the storage space of your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is essential for gaming on modern consoles.

The expansion of the PlayStation 5’s SSD storage compared to the Xbox Series X|S highlights another advantage the Xbox Series X|S has over the PlayStation. Use Microsoft’s official Seagate memory expansion cards to add storage space on your Xbox Series X|S.


Screenshot taken from the official Xbox page for Seagate SSD storage expansion cards for the X and S Series.
Image credit: Microsoft/Xbox

Expanding the storage space on the Xbox Series X|S is therefore very simple and ensures compatibility with high-speed SSDs. However, on the PlayStation 5, you can still expand your SSD storage, but the process is more involved, involving opening and disassembling part of the PlayStation 5.

So in terms of ease of use for SSD storage expansion, the Xbox Series X|S beats the PlayStation 5, quickly solving any storage problem with a simple plug-in and the expansion cards you use.

4. Play all Xbox Game Studio titles from day one with Xbox Game Pass instead of select titles on PS Plus.

Another advantage the Xbox Series X|S has over the PlayStation 5 offered by Xbox Game Pass is the service’s guarantee that Xbox Game Studios titles will be available on Game Pass on launch day.

Compared to the PlayStation 5’s use of PlayStation Plus, Sony’s Jim Ryan said that not all games will be placed on PlayStation Plus at the same time as their releases, according to gamesindustry.biz.

That means waiting for huge PlayStation exclusives like God of War: Ragnarök to be available on PlayStation 5 via PlayStation Plus, while Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass guarantee big hits like Halo Infinite on release day.

A screenshot of the Day One Exclusives page on Xbox Series X for Xbox Game Pass.

Access to major PlayStation and Xbox exclusives is favored for the Xbox Series X|S through Game Pass, but even so, you might want to check out how the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X features compare between them. After all, what good is Early Access if your console can’t stand up to its main competitor?

5. Xbox Series X|S are both smaller than PS5

A practical advantage of the Xbox Series X|S over the PlayStation 5 is that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are both smaller than the PlayStation 5.

While the Xbox Series X isn’t exactly a small console, it’s still smaller than the PlayStation 5. Specifically, the height of the PlayStation 5 is 39 cm, while the height of the Series X is 30 cm. Even considering the width of each console, the PlayStation 5 measures 14cm and the X series measures 15cm.

So, despite the cold and abrasive side of the Xbox Series X, the design of the PlayStation 5 reduces its width by only 1 cm.

A photo of the Xbox Series S seen from above on a marble counter.

Comparing its size to the Xbox Series S, which measures 27.5 cm vertically by 6.5 cm wide, the situation is even worse for the PlayStation 5. Despite Microsoft making the Xbox Series S compact, there is a stark difference when comparing the Xbox Series S to the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

Regardless of size, however you look at it, the Xbox Series X|S is superior to the PlayStation 5 and is the easiest piece of hardware to manage to find and organize your gaming consoles.

6. The Xbox Series S is the best value for digital-only gaming.

While having the best hardware possible is your priority when it comes to gaming on your console, another factor that makes the Xbox Series S a big advantage is ensuring you get the best value for money.

Even the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition shown on PlayStation Direct is priced at $399.99, while the Xbox Series S is priced at $239.99 on the Microsoft Store.

Photo of an Xbox Series S console with a controller on the front.

So, while the PlayStation 5 has better features than the Xbox Series S, if you’re looking for a next-gen compatible digital console, the $160 price difference is a huge advantage for the Xbox Series S over the PlayStation.

Get the most out of next-gen gaming with the Xbox Series X|S

Now that you know some of the specific advantages of the Xbox Series X|S over the PlayStation 5, you can enjoy console gaming with your Xbox knowing you’re getting the best features and value you’ve ever had. can offer.

However, console gaming is made by the games that you can experience on each platform, so you should find out why you would prefer to own a PlayStation 5 despite the advantages that the Xbox offers. That way, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of what PlayStation and Xbox have to offer.

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