Why mounting your TV above the fireplace is a bad idea

Think it’s a good idea to place your smart TV over the fireplace? Actually, this is a bad idea.

It’s so common to see a TV hanging above a fireplace that you might think it’s a good idea. But this is not so. The reasons for this choice are, it’s a bad idea.

Heat and electronics don’t mix

Heat is one of the main factors that is often blamed for a period of time electronic fault. If you’ve ever had a phone that tends to overheat, you have a clearer experience of this. High heat actually causes a decrease in resistance, which means an increase in voltage. This concern for heat is one of the reasons why all computers are equipped with fans. However, TVs are rarely equipped with fans. No one wants to hear a fan humming while watching their favorite show.

However, fireplaces provide a lot of heat because that is their original purpose. If you put your TV on top of your fireplace, so will it subjected to temperature changes. Its internal components can go through cycles of expansion and contraction that will eventually lead to failure.

Not to mention that smoke can settle in a film on the components inside the TV cabinet. This film will thicken over time. This will also cause TV overheating.

An installation expert asked about this Digital Connex A/V Portland gave his personal opinion. According to him, it is necessary to avoid all worries about the heat of the fireplace. prefer an electric fireplace. This fireplace must be kept on fire.

Placing your TV over a fireplace can cause health problems

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Placing your TV above your fireplace means moving the picture you’re watching well above eye level. So you have to tilt your head back to see it. Therefore, you will most likely end up torticollis, chronic migraine

Brad Simpson, Physical Therapist and Clinic Director Life’s Work Physiotherapy, treats patients with musculoskeletal problems. Sitting in an unnatural position often can be long-term, says this ergonomics expert persistent adverse effects.

According to this expert, by placing your TV above your fireplace, you will compromise the deep stabilizing muscles of the neck. This creates a painful cutting force It affects your middle cervical spine. You will then lose the ability to stabilize your neck. This is bad posture it also affects your breathing This causes certain muscles to overwork. It’s not worth it anyway.

At least six degrees of separation from a beautiful image

The LCD matrix consists of many shutters with small curtain windows. These shutters open and close to let in the backlight of the TV. The problem with these windows is that they have an ideal low viewing angle. Their sweet spot is really in the center. If you move too far left or right, up or down, you only see part of the light produced. The result is this the perceived image is washed out and lifeless. The quality is much lower than you think when you buy your TV.

However, you can mitigate the problem by purchasing bent down wall bracket. This will give a more perpendicular view of the screen. This stand will also bring the screen closer to eye level. Brightness, color and contrast saturation will be optimized.

You can also buy yourself an OLED TV. This model has an almost infinite viewing angle, no matter how high you place it. If you don’t want an OLED TV, you can always go back to an LED TV using an IPS LCD panel. These are the latter a wider perspective.

It’s not stylish

According to Hullinger of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, mounting your TV over the fireplace isn’t chic. However, almost a quarter of new builds are already pre-wired for this configuration. Hullinger advises opting for television, which can also play a role in these cases artistic framework when not looking. You have televisions Frame and Sheriff OLED TVs from the Gallery series from Samsung, LG…

Here are a few tips to get the most out of the TV position above the fireplace

Do you keep placing your TV above your fireplace? Here are some tips to still get the most out of this configuration:

  • Reduce the temperature your TV is exposed to : To do this, install a mantel above your fireplace or use built-in fans.
  • Sit far enough away from the screen : The further you are from the TV, the less you have to crane your neck.
  • Relax : Watch your programs in a prone position so you don’t have to bend your neck.
  • Use a tilting or motorized wall mount : Changing the angle of the TV can improve picture quality by providing a more direct view of the screen.
  • Opt for an OLED or LED TV : These models offer high quality picture with less viewing angle disturbance.
  • Do not light your fireplace while watching TV : Fire flickering and the brightness of your screen can quickly tire your eyes.
  • Leave the installation to a professional : An installation specialist will know how to best manage the cables for a more suitable installation to get the most out of your TV installation.

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