Is XBox a danger to our children?

Is XBox a danger to our children with woke propaganda?

The question begins on Fox & Friends, a morning television program on the US Fox News channel, and features breaking news, current affairs and guest interviews in a panel discussion format. Fox & Friends is generally considered conservative or right-wing when it comes to the show’s political orientation. The show’s hosts and guests often support conservative views and policies and criticize leftist views and policies.

A few days ago, some Fox and Friends hosts criticized the power-saving version of the Xbox Series X/S, linking it to broader concerns about Microsoft’s commitment to the environment and combating climate change. Some animators have argued that Microsoft is trying to “engage children” in environmental policy at an earlier age.

To watch an excerpt from the show:
Columnist: “They’re trying to get your kids involved in climate policy at an earlier age.”
Facilitator : “You’re right – they’re after the kids!”

And what did you think about it? Are XBoxes a threat? Should we buy PlayStations instead? the question must be asked

Pierre Monnier

Microsoft now offers to turn off the latest Xbox Series consoles by default instead of leaving them in standby mode. A decision that does not satisfy America’s right at all.

Xbox may be made in America, the gaming console is being taken to task by US conservatives. Some even go so far as to recommend buying the console’s Japanese competitor, the PlayStation, to save energy and limit CO2 emissions. It is blasphemous to some conservatives who see it as the manipulation of children by “woke” culture.

Offset loadings

This is especially true of the conservative American channel Fox News. Already at the forefront of the M&M’s candy controversy, the channel’s hosts have blasted the game console’s latest update.11 The Xbox announced on January 11 will take carbon emissions into account to optimize data downloads.

“We can reduce the carbon footprint of updates and downloads by scheduling them to run during the time slot when the console can use as much renewable energy as possible,” Microsoft said on its website.

Also, this update enables power saving mode (shutdown mode) by default. With these settings, the console will turn off at the end of your games instead of staying in standby mode. It is also possible to set the hours of operation, which allows you to reduce the power consumption of the console from 10 to 15 watts to 0.5 watts outside of these slots.

“They prey on children”

But according to Fox News, these changes are the result of vociferous propaganda and have nothing to do with the environment. One of its animators, Jimmy Failla, assures that it is “an attempt to adhere to climate policy at an early age.” All were supported by another anchor, Ainsley Earhardt: “Of course they’re after the kids.”

Along with this episode, several complaints were heard on Twitter. The Young America Foundation wrote on the platform that “the woke brigade is after video games in the name of climate change.” A self-proclaimed patriot on his profile went so far as to forget that it was a Japanese console and advised him to “switch to PlayStation.” Even Senator Ted Cruz criticized Xbox’s choices.

“First gas stoves, then coffee, now they’re targeting Xbox,” said the Texas senator.

The changes to Xbox are part of Microsoft’s plan to become a carbon neutral company by 2030.

Pierre Monnier

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