Thunder Bay’s varsity coach has been replaced after multiple allegations

He is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from players over at least 10 years.

He also faces allegations of ill-treatment, including incidents of violence dating back to the early 2010s.

Asked about Kreiner’s allegations and conduct, a university spokeswoman wrote does not comment on personal files.

In turn, the former coach responded by e-mail that a it was decided to stop the relationshe said he couldn’t do it go to details.

Jon Kreiner declined to comment, citing his behavior professional and the consequences on the ground during his stay. In 18 seasons, he had 272 wins and 307 losses.

Former player Talia Peters is one of 10 people, members or former members of the women’s basketball team, who came forward to share their experiences with Jon Kreiner.

Talia Peters was a member of the Lakehead University women’s basketball team during the 2018-19 season. He now plays for the University of Manitoba Bisons.

Photo: CBC/Travis Goldby

It was terrible. Basketball was mine, it was my passion, it was what I loved to do – and obviously there were a lot of factors – but I feel like it took away the passion and love that I had. »

quote from Talia Peters, former Lakehead University player

Other sources agreed to remain anonymous for fear of personal or professional reprisals.

They are calling on the University to take responsibility for the file and are demanding a complete overhaul of the athletic department in hopes of creating a safer environment.

He took what I love

Talia Peters claims that in November 2018, a few months into her season, she knew she wanted to quit the team because of the constant anxiety she was feeling.

I’ve always been worried about slipping during practice because I don’t want to yell or point.he says.

I felt terrible there [Kreiner] he had so much power over me that he took away what I loved and what made me feel safe. »

quote from Talia Peters, former Lakehead University player

Those experiences, which Peters said had a lasting impact, resulted in him being pulled from a preseason game after having a panic attack on the field.

Several sources share similar memories, noting that the coach sometimes got so angry that he kicked the football players in the head.

Six former players have called out his behavior emotional abuse. They say that he sometimes gathered them in a circle scare wrong player.

Above all, they criticize the inaction of the assistant coaches who have facilitated that culture since Kreiner’s arrival in 2003.

It was my happiest placesays Peters, who is still shocked at being treated this way.

Lack of research and resources

Lakehead University launched an internal investigation into allegations of embezzlement against Kreiner in October 2022, according to emails obtained by the CBC. It was mainly about a student job program that allows students to work part-time on campus.

Five sources claim the former coach asked them to pay half their annual salary, sometimes for several years in a row. help other student athletes and the women’s basketball team.

At least five sources said individuals in the athletic department were aware of the situation but did nothing to protect the athletes. Some say they are afraid to come forward, feeling that nothing will change if they come forward.

Talia Peters is calling on the University to be transparent about the investigation and take concrete action to prevent it from happening again.

This is just an examplehe says.

According to Gretchen Kerr, dean of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, the university’s athletic system has a serious lack of resources to support athletes.

In most cases, the only way to file a complaint is to speak with an athletic department official.

They may know or employ the coach, which creates many conflicts of interest.he explains that universities should adopt new approaches such as those announced for national teams.

Some will say that we don’t need to because university policies address these issues, but we’ve learned from many cases that this is not necessarily the case.

New coach

Months after the silent departure of Jon Kreiner, Lakehead University announced Friday the hiring of Hugo Boisvert as the new head coach of its women’s basketball team.

The senior assistant for the Laval University Rouge et Or women’s basketball team will replace David McCallum, who has been serving since the beginning of the season, effective June 1.

Portrait of Hugo Boisvert in his Laval University Rouge et Or uniform.

Hugo Boisvert coached the men’s and women’s basketball teams at Université Laval.

Photo: Courtesy of Lakehead University

By not preferring to look at the work of his predecessor, he nevertheless ensures that he has demonstrated the highest integrity and undertakes to respect it in the future.

I expect the same from my team and players. »

quote from Hugo Boisvert is the new women’s basketball coach at Lakehead University

The first and most important step is to develop a relationship of trust with the players.he said.

Aside from exploits on the field, Hugo Boisvert wants to make good people out of his players.

It’s about choosing our daily habits, how we do them, how we work each day, and what we want to accomplish.– says the coach.

We will do our best to compete with the best, but the human aspect will always come first.

With information from CBC’s Logan Turner and Alex Brockman

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