“The platform of my masters is good news, but I have doubts about some options that affect the autonomy of universities”

What do you think about the launch of the monmaster.gouv.fr platform?

“I think the idea of ​​a national platform for master’s programs is a good idea. Moreover, I regretted that it was postponed for a year last year. This allows for a better circulation. Seats availableet.je believes that this is beneficial for students, but also for businesses that often wait too long before students make a decision.

On the other hand, I’m a little concerned about the platform’s implementation, which is a bit laggy. But in particular, the freedom to be given to enterprises on a certain number of parameters. The Master’s choice, I think that this is a topic where the autonomy of universities is particularly important. Unlike entering the first year of higher education, which is more a matter of national policy and involves National Education.

What do you mean by selecting “settings” regarding my master?

“It is important that universities can have a significant hand in the parameters and the questions asked of students as part of the choice of a master’s degree. However, the current reverberations do not seem to exist in this sense, because there are a number of elements that the ministry does not seem very favorable to, which makes us it’s a little disturbing. additional questions For candidate students, there would be something standardized according to the Ministry.

There are additional questions that we as Universities can ask that we want to ask freely in any case. But in the context of a computer form that will be configured by the Ministry, it will be one freedom general questions? This is an ongoing issue.”

You also mention the importance of prioritizing requests not covered by My Master.

“So without talking about prioritization or prioritization, I think it’s important know the advantages when students apply for 8 courses within the same institution, e.g. It is useful for the institution to know which course the student prefers compared to others! It is foolish not to allow it!

Attention, I support and support the minister’s position [Sylvie Retailleau, NDLR] that is, there cannot be a hierarchy of all student preferences at the national level. A student can apply for option 1 in Toulouse and option 15 in Perpignan and should be free to do so if he ultimately prefers to go to Perpignan.

On the other hand, it is not healthy for a student to prefer the 1st choice or the 10th choice among the 10 courses he/she is applying for within the same institution. establishment policy, not the same thing. and touchesuniversity autonomy. The desire to have no hierarchy at the national level should not come at the cost of undermining the autonomy of universities, which should be able to demand their opportunities from students. trainingetc.
I don’t see what’s stopping us from asking for that within an enterprise, as we did before when we had our own platform. It fits perfectly with the lack of hierarchy at national level and is above all an important decision-making aid for Universities.”

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Parcoursup has academic and non-academic degree quotas available. Do you intend to reserve a percentage of places for Panthéon-Assas students at monmaster.gouv.fr?

“No, not at all. It will be completely reworked. It will be completely open as always at our university, it’s an institution choice. We’ve always had very open masters, so there’s no. There’s no reason for that to change with the establishment of a national platform. Monmaster.gouv.fr. As for whether other universities may have asked the ministry for this opportunity and they were told “no, it’s not possible”, I can’t say.

What impact(s) will the My Masters platform have on your university?

“I expect the number of applications to increase by 10 or 15, because the platform makes it easier for applicants. The Ministry should also understand the difficulty that universities will experience in this area. sort files when we are not allowed to ask about student preferences. It is obvious. I told the minister, it’s not a secret.”

Will your acceptance criteria change with this platform?

“No. The admission criteria will not change. The only thing is that we will have a lot of files to manage and as a result the study groups will have less time… especially since the calendar is more limited.

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