Right-wing and far-right students condemn use of inclusive writing at Nice law school

“LStudents will deal with the following three questions”…In the Faculty of Law, this sentence at the beginning of the partial title incited the students of UNI 06, which claimed to be “the only right-wing union in the university”… right and far-right.

There is no pasar (1), they say. Yes? Inclusive writing is a method of writing that uses the midpoint to systematize the combined use of feminine and masculine genders. For its followers, it is to promote equal representation between women and men in the language.

Solidarity – on the left – against the UNI at the university, including it in its leaflets, but especially in the name and for a long time: Solidaires student.es

“Doctrinal Corset”

For UNI 06 student union, generation Z, youth with Éric Zemmour, “awakened ideology (2) Infiltrating the University of the Côte d’Azur”.

Maël Crépin, the leader of the small Zemmurists, protested on Twitter: “After official university documents and communication campaigns, as well as e-mails sent by a certain number of teachers, this doctrinal corset is now partially intruding.” Inclusive writing, end of an era or fad? Very political topic.

Maël Crépin, a colleague from the far-right opposition group Christian Estrosi in Nice, continues: “A handful of ideologues wage their political battles in the faculties with complete impunity. At the same time, what the French Academy identifies as a mortal threat is part of a wider problem of the degradation of the educational establishment, which Eric Zemmour constantly denounces. It is supported by the government of Emmanuel Macron.”

And to demand “Ban on inclusive writing at Cote d’Azur University facing confusion expressed by many students”.

Banned by ex-minister Blanquer

The confusion at Nice law school is not so obvious. The subject does not crystallize passions. “When I receive a letter from the university or a teacher, I don’t pay attention to such things. In any case, we were never asked to write in an assignment or partially inclusive writing. But if it was, it should be the subject of a legal framework to become the norm.” Without being a member of UNI, he believes in David, who is still on the right.

Leah agrees: “Each teacher does what he wants as long as he doesn’t force us to do anything. In any case, I think it’s important that there are more women in society, mentalities don’t change fast enough.”

Nathan whined a little. “I looked into it, but I think it’s banned by the government. It’s only used by leftists, so it’s marginal… If it entertains them.”

Indeed, in 2021, the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, banned the use of inclusive writing in schools with a circular. guessed “this spelling prevented the reading and understanding of the writing.”

However, in 2015, she wrote a guide for the High Council for Gender Equality (3). “Communication without gender stereotypes”. A guide using inclusive writing. The University of Côte d’Azur, contacted, declined to comment.

1. The slogan “They will not pass” in Spanish was the slogan of the Spanish republicans who fought against dictator Franco’s nationalist rebels.

2. An Anglo-American term meaning “awakened.” It involves being aware of social justice issues and racism in our society. Becoming a catch-all, the phrase is used to denounce various progressive movements and ideas, especially those stemming from the Black Lives Matter movement, and all social injustices affecting women, even the smallest ones. LGBT community or even immigrant people.

3. The High Council for Gender Equality (HCE) is an independent French advisory body established on January 3, 2013 and placed under the Prime Minister. The HCE was incorporated into the Equality and Citizenship Act of 27 January 2017, strengthening its mission.

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