new titles are coming to PC, Console and mobile offerings

Microsoft announced new games that will be integrated soon Xbox Game Pass for Xbox, mobile and computer.

Hi-Fi Rush (Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S)
Be blown away by the beat of the music as Chai, the aspiring rock star accompanied by a colorful sidekick who wants to rebel against the evil cybernetic megacorps on a journey filled with intense battles! The newest baby from Tango Gameworks, Hi-Fi Rush, a new action game where the characters, world and battles evolve and move to the beat of the music!

GoldenEye 007 (Cloud and Console)
GoldenEye 007 returns to delight veterans and neophytes alike! The timeless stealth FPS has been lovingly recreated for Xbox consoles and features new Achievements for up to 4 players, 4K resolution, higher frame rates and the popular split-screen mode.

Roboquest (Preview) (Console) – January 30th
Available now on PC Game Pass and soon on Xbox consoles! A roguelite FPS that can be played alone or in co-op. In a future where the world is devastated, you will have to face deadly robots. Your super-powered, hyper-mobile Guardian is ready to battle in ever-changing environments to an adrenaline-fueled soundtrack.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Cloud & Console) – January 31
One of the most beloved strategy games ever made, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is coming to Xbox consoles soon. Enjoy a new way to play on console, controller optimizations and new tutorials to get you into the action faster.

Inculinati (Game Preview) (Cloud, Console & PC) – January 31st
A game of strategy and complexity from medieval manuscripts, where a rabbit’s sword can be deadlier than a dog’s sword. Take part in turn-based duels filled with unexpected depth and humor. Embark on an ever-changing journey, design your own best friend, defeat medieval stars, and find special items to unleash your superpowers.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R (Cloud, Console and PC) – January 31
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R captures JoJo’s unique quirky style and brings Hirohiko Araki’s manga to life right before your eyes! With 50 playable characters from all arcs, you can relive famous battles from each story and see characters from different universes interact for the first time! Newcomers to the genre will also be able to enjoy the game thanks to combos and rampages that can be triggered at the touch of a button.

Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console and PC) – February 2nd
Darkest Dungeon is a horror gothic turn-based roguelike role-playing game that focuses on the psychological distress of adventurers. Recruit, train and lead a team of anti-heroes in twisted forests, forgotten lairs, crumbling crypts and beyond. Not only will you fight unimaginable enemies, but also stress, hunger, disease, and encroaching darkness.

Grid Legends (Cloud) EA Play – February 2nd
Fasten your seat belts and prepare for some nerve-racking racing: Grid Legends is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play. Enjoy fast-paced action, an immersive story mode and great variety with regular EA Play events.

Hot Wheels Unleashed – Game of the Year Release (Cloud, Console & PC) – February 7th
Collect the best cars from the Hot Wheels universe, build amazing tracks and dive into breathtaking races. Prove your skills by participating in breathtaking circuits and get ready to have a blast! Race side-by-side with friends in 2-player split-screen mode, or compete against up to 12 opponents in online challenges.

They are leaving Xbox Game Pass

January 31, 2023

  • Donut County (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master (Console and PC)
  • Lying (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Worms WMD (Cloud, Console and PC)

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