For the start of the 2023 academic year, Perpignan/University: Small Chamber of Economy opens the doors of the territory to young Occitan leaders

The Perpignan Pays Catalan Youth Chamber of Economy opens its doors to young Occitan leaders to study pre-school in 2023!

Last Saturday, January 21, the Perpignan Pays Catalan Youth Chamber of Economy hosted the Back to School University 2023 of the Occitanie JCE federation, which provided an opportunity for around fifty future leaders to discover our territory and train to take charge there!

The first landmark of the year, the University De Rentrée is an unmissable event for the Young Economic Chambers of Occitania (JCE). This year, Perpignan Pays Catalan Young Chamber of Local Economy was chosen to host the event in the area last December.

-“At the end of 2022, we submitted an application that prioritizes the attractiveness of the area, environmental responsibility and the promotion of enterprising entrepreneurs. Today we can say that the initial contract has been fulfilled. »Perpignan Pays Catalan JCE president Kévin Liebart assures.

In total, there are about fifty “jaycees” – understand “Members of the Chamber of Small Economy” – meeting in Perpignan, at the heart of the school’s new eco-campus Our Lady of Good Help – ESBS Campus, benefit from training in personal development, project management or management topics, but also a key word atypical and committed entrepreneurship and Jousts & Debates competition.

“We aimed to draw attention to the nuggets of the area” Activities Executive Secretary and Director of the Organizing Committee Bettina Gonzalez says. “We wanted Julie Delclos from Zulie&Co to be able to intervene, to present her journey and unique vision of coexistence, eco-citizenship, and to contribute to this intervention with the appearance of Manuel Bouchet from the Impact incubator she was accompanied by. in the entrepreneurial ecosystem ».

Objective: to enable young Occitan leaders to discover atypical projects of this type in their area and to give them the keys to help their creation (eg by raising awareness or organizing action among public authorities). But the project Zulie&Co That wasn’t the only highlight during the day of training, debate and networking.

“Sustainable development should be respected. We were able to offer this with Build’N Co, a civic engagement and sustainable urban planning agency, which enabled us to organize Fresque de la Ville and E-KOland, a leisure park and performance game. in the post-apocalyptic era. A topic that recently opened its doors and allowed us to surpass ourselves. These are two young companies with real values ​​in the area. », Director of the Organizing Committee adds.

The biggest success of this Back to School University is the formalization of the membership of two new members of the Young Economic Chamber of Perpignan Pays Catalan: Loann Faure, student of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD) and president of the Veget’all Association Project and Cyrille Taquet, founder Company of World Saviors and D’E-KOland.

After the event is over, the dynamic Perpignan association thanks all the partners and participants who contributed to its success and aims to build new partnerships that are already meaningful for the area.

“We aim to send members of our association to the French Delegation to the next Junior Chamber International World Congress to be held in Zurich in the last quarter of 2023! This is an opportunity we don’t want to miss and an opportunity to work to represent our area in the best possible way and make it more attractive. », – concludes the local president.

About the Small French Chamber of Economy

For seventy years, the Little France Chamber of Commerce has been bringing together a community of citizens aged 18-40. Together they solve the social and environmental problems of today and tomorrow and implement projects of common interest in France. By building these projects in a collective and structured way, and by seeking solutions to the problems faced by the territories, members are taught to take responsibility for exercising their leadership. In 2022, JCEF unites around 2,000 volunteers operating in France in 135 local Youth Economic Chambers. Associated with JCI (Junior Chamber International) with 200,000 citizen leaders in more than 100 countries and working on the UN Global Goals.

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