Université Laval during the consultation period for its 2023-2028 planning

For several months now, Université Laval has been consulting with the university community and partners to develop its 2023-2028 plan. The community is invited to the planning site” [s’exprimer] about the main directions to be taken [l’Université] over the next 5 years, so that together we can make an even bigger impact.” The consultation period will end on February 10, after which an action plan will be developed and implemented from May 2023. So there is still time to take part in the consultation, either online or at the forum on February 2. .

Jade Talbot, News Desk Editor

The latest Action Plan 2017-2022 has just been completed and the results are quite positive. 74 percent of the proposed 148 measures were implemented. These achievements include the creation of new programs, the provision of symbolic rent for student cafes, the opening of the PEPS Clinic for the community and the environment, and the establishment of the Professional Development Service (SDP).

Planning projects for 2023-2028

Further planning is supported by 6 different projects: lifelong learning; knowledge, science and society; a vibrant campus; local, simplified and personalized services; attract a second gear to sustainable development and ensure the well-being of our society. The university developed a list of questions based on these job sites to collect ideas and opinions from the community. For example, as a student, we are asked what would motivate us to continue or return to Laval University; how to better support and promote the contribution of basic research to major societal problems; What are the work, study and living environments that inspire you and can define the future of the university campus; What tools and services can be developed to make our university even more effective; Apart from reducing the “greenhouse gas” (GHG) balance, what measures should Université Laval take in terms of climate action, and what is the factor that most affects your happiness in your work or studies?

Contribute to planning

To survey the University community about planning, the University created a site with a questionnaire for each of the sites and organized three in-person consultation forums. As for the forums, the first two will take place on January 19 and 25, and the third on Thursday, February 2. The latter will focus on projects 5 and 6, i.e. “Involvement of the second speed of sustainable development” and “Ensuring the well-being of our community”. All members of the university community are invited to attend, no registration is required. The event will take place on Thursday, February 2, from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Atrium of the Charles-De Koninck pavilion. It is also possible to participate in online consultations by entering the link here. The questionnaire is available for each of the sites until February 10, 2023.

Screenshot of Laval University Planning 2023-2028 project questions 3 (living campus).

Return to the first forum

We went to the first forum. The forum focused on lifelong learning, knowledge, science and society. About a hundred attendees, mostly staff members, attended the Atrium Jean-Guy Paquet for the occasion. Katia Bergeron, who led the first project, immediately reminded us of the importance of participating in these consultations. It is an opportunity for the university community to express itself in order to build a forward-looking plan and define common priorities together. He also invited participants to “think outside the box, be creative, innovate.”

During the consultation, a number of interested parties put forward proposals, wishes and problems regarding the Third Century University. This includes, among other things, increasing course offerings, increasing the number of professors and adapted buildings, and encouraging social and civic participation of students at Third Century University. Other speakers also suggested creating spaces for discussion and increasing offerings. continuing education, bringing together research groups within the University to promote interdisciplinary communication, creating support for the popularization of research, diversifying investments in research laboratories, encouraging the next generation of professors and supporting professors. It was also commented on performance evaluation methods that no longer follow the reality of professors increasingly engaged in popularization, citizen participation, and interdisciplinary research. Rather than relying on publications, the performance evaluation was asked to take into account the diversity of backgrounds and research methods. Once the consultation is complete, the University will focus on drafting the Action Plan for 2023-2028. The presentation of the plan is expected in May 2023.

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