The Day Before Studio defends itself: “We haven’t taken a penny from people” | Xbox One

Yesterday we were talking about The Day Before being delayed for a rather unusual reason. The studio has indeed stated that there are issues with the naming of the game in the US, which has obviously angered players, making them a bit more suspicious of Fntastic’s dishonesty. Faced with a general protest, the teams and the publisher spoke again.

Fntastic explains the postponement

We have more details on this report in the columns of IGN. According to the publisher, the decision to postpone the game was made before the teams became aware of the trademark issues; The publisher had planned to announce this via a gameplay video promised for late January:

Earlier we were planning to delay the release of the game and Mytona and I were planning to announce it [ndlr : l’éditeur du jeu] 10 minute gameplay video. You all know what happened next. Therefore, we have chosen November 10th together with the publisher to make sure there are no further delays. Given the trademark dispute, this is a safe date.

As for the trademark registration concerns, the studio is confident, adding that the delay will be an opportunity to better prepare for the release and more successful, optimized and full of content.

We are very confident that this issue will be resolved as we have strong legal partners. This extra time will allow us to better prepare for the game’s release and make general improvements to the game, making it more mature, optimized and full of content.

“We haven’t received a penny from people”

Aside from these announcements about the postponement, the studio also wanted to express itself regarding the various accusations that it has been regularly the subject of, especially after recent events. charges fraud is often mentioned on social networks, which indicates that the game is not really in development.

Press release addressing players’ fears:

The storm will eventually calm down and time will put everything in its place. When the game comes out, people will finally see the truth. But we are grateful for such a fantastic trip and for being with us while we are here.

For us and millions of people, “The Day before” is the realization of a childhood dream. This is a game with zombies and other people in a huge post-apocalyptic city. We understand that some players may have doubts about the game because they don’t see the whole picture. We have always focused on the product itself.

It’s been four years since we built the game. It’s been all these years of sweat and blood to make this game, and for many members of our team, it’s unpleasant to hear such accusations. We didn’t take a dime from people: no crowdfunding, no pre-orders, no donations. The game is fully funded by Mytona, one of the world’s largest mobile game publishers, who inspect the game’s construction at every key stage according to our contract.

We had a real breakthrough when we set out to take on big challenges from scratch – so big that some thought they were impossible.

“Going on a fantastical journey from the end of the world, we feel like a simple guy from a 90s action movie. You probably remember him as the hero who breaks through the veil of disbelief when no one believes in him, but he finds the inner strength to win and help everyone in the end.” to prove it’s worth.”

We only believe in the end product. Whatever people say, you will see for yourself on November 10th. We hope that after the success of the game, we will inspire people to believe that if you persevere towards a dream in this life, it will come true despite all the obstacles and doubts.

Keep in mind that while The Day Before will be released on November 10th on PC, it’s also slated for Xbox and PlayStation, without further details. We wish good luck to the teams, which will of course be eagerly awaited by the players when the game is released.

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