FALSE: MONUSCO did not fund the rehabilitation of Goma University | By PesaCheck | January, 2023

A Facebook post claiming that the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) is rehabilitating the University of Goma is FALSE.

The publication is dated January 5, 2023 and is illustrated with photographs of two unfinished buildings with the letters “UN” on their pediments. The article reads: “ The University of Goma (UNIGOM) is being rehabilitated by MONUSCO “. To give more credence to this announcement, the author claims that the footage was taken by a Congolese journalist named Justin Kabumba.

PesaCheck reviewed this post and found it compelling.

As part of PesaCheck investigations, various platforms of the University of Goma, especially Facebook and Twitter and found a rebuttal from the institution which reads: “The University of Goma lake campus is not being rehabilitated by MONUSCO, but solely by the institution and with its own funds. The “UN” entry you see is only the result of a work in progress that consists entirely of “GOMA UNIVERSITY”.

Some netizens have confirmed Goma University’s statements this oneor this other one, who posted a fully restored photo of the building, but this time with the word “University” in full.

PesaCheck contacted Son Mahambajournalist Reuters The one who took the picture with “I” (UNI) and he has confirmed that he is the author. ” To denounce the fake news spread in MONUSCO, I took a photo with UNI written on it “.

This false information comes at a time of strained relations between MONUSCO and the Congolese population. The population accuses MONUSCO of compounding the failures, given that peace has not yet come to the country. Many regions are still in the grip of violent demonstrations, such as the one organized in July 2022, to demand the departure of this UN unit.

PesaCheck verified a Facebook post claiming that MONUSCO is funding rehabilitation work at the University of Goma and found it to be FALSE.

This post is part of ongoing fact-checks that investigate the content reported by PesaCheck. potential misinformation On Facebook and other social media platforms.

In partnership with Facebook and similar social media platforms, third-party fact-checking organizations like PesaCheck help separate fact from fiction. We do this by giving viewers deeper insight and context into the posts they see in their social media feeds.

Have you seen fake news on Facebook? How can you report this?. And that’s it more information about PesaCheck methodology to check for suspicious content.

This fact check was written by a fact checker Bella Lucia Nininahazwe and edited Nicole Ricci Mine, Articles Editor at PesaCheck. This article has been approved for publication by an editor at PesaCheck Doreen Wainainah.

PesaCheck is the first public financial fact-checking initiative in Africa. co-founded by Catherine Gicheru and Justin Arenstein and is incubated by the continent’s largest accelerator of citizen technology and data journalism: Code for Africa. It aims to help the public separate truth from fiction about the numbers that shape our world, with a particular focus on public financial reporting that shapes the delivery of public services related to the government’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as health. care, rural development and access to water/sanitation. PesaCheck also checks the accuracy of media reports. Visit to learn more about the project pesacheck.org.

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