Do you like FPS? GoldenEye 007 is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox

Silent PP7 and charge your main mines remotely: Golden eye 007 Available this Friday on Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass subscription services. Popular FPS game James Bond It was released on the N64 in 1997, and this is the first re-release of the game since then.

It is an online multiplayer game Exclusive to the Switch version, as stated on the official 007 website, but this version will be identical to the original N64. we don’t know if you can use it two stick controls – The N64 controller only really had one stick, but the Switch offers two, and the original game allowed you to do so using two controllers (yes, games were weird in the 90s).

To access GoldenEye and other N64 games, you must subscribe Additional package From Switch Online, which costs €39.99 per month.

Game Pass version (playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S) included
“alternative control options, unlockable stages and up to 4K Ultra HD native 16:9 resolution”,
he said Craig Duncan, the head of Rare (a Microsoft-owned developer) in a blog post on Wednesday. Therefore, it offers more gameplay than the Switch version, but still lacks online multiplayer (you’ll still have access to local split-screen).

The subscription costs €9.99 per month, but people with a subscription A digital copy of Rare ReplayA collection of 30 classic games released in 2015 will also be included in GoldenEye. for free. The game cannot be purchased separately.

GoldenEye’s return was announced last September during a Nintendo Direct live stream.

as a license associated with 1995 movie who introduced the actor Pierce Brosnan As a legendary British agent, the game was praised by critics fun single player campaign and its competitive split-screen multiplayer gameplay. It became the N64’s third best-selling title 8.09 million units were sold – it was only surpassed by Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64, which sold 11.91 million and 9.87 million copies respectively.

Rare also developed Perfect Dark (a sequel to GoldenEye) for the N64 in 2000, before Microsoft bought the company in 2002.

For months, fans have been waiting for one remasteredMicrosoft’s Xbox Series X and Si will be revealed as the game’s achievements have been leaked multiple times. a speech on Xbox 360 in the late 2010sand an extended gameplay video appeared in 2016. When, Phil SpencerThe Xbox boss stated that
game license fee did not favor efforts to put it on the console. The Friday releases don’t appear to be “Remasters”. The Switch version appears visually Same as N64And the Xbox version looks like a improved edition of the original.

“It’s great to see the GE007 available again. I hope this means a new generation can discover and enjoy the game.”there is
he tweeted

David DoakAfter the announcement last September, Dr. A developer used for Doak (Bond’s in-game ally).
“It was an absolute privilege to be part of the talented team that created it 25 years ago”.

Get ready to revisit the multiplayer mayhem of the 90s (Credit: Nadir)

He also tweeted
last picture
dressed as his in-game counterpart and joked that players shouldn’t do that “come cry” with it if they have trouble unlocking it “unbeatable scam“. This is one of the hardest challenges in the game. To get it, you need to complete the Mechanism level in under 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

David Doak spoke at length about the game’s development over the years and tweeted a
1997 photo of the original development team.

This year celebrates 70th anniversary Bond’s first appearance in the novel Casino Royale by writer Ian Fleming. Last year the Bond franchise celebrated its 60th anniversary – the last film, No Time To Dieis now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video — but the series is streaming fast as fans await the announcement. Heir of Daniel Craig in the role. Hitman developer IO Interactive is also working on it your own Bond game. article adapted from CNET France

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