Battlefield 2042: All the Details for the Big Return of Classes Update! | Xbox One

Battlefield 2042, which has been awaited for months now, is set to welcome the return of tutorials very soon, which is proof that the developers are trying to improve the game based on player feedback. Today, DICE details everything you need to know about the FPS’ next big update.

Final details on returning to classes

Of course, the main innovation is related to the return of classes. So, the developer provides a little more detail than the previous post. Here are the classes that experts will belong to, as well as their equipment and gadgets.

  • Raid
    • Specialists: Dozer, Mackay, Sundance and Zain.
    • Classroom equipment: medical pen.
    • Class devices: C5 explosive, IBA bulletproof plate, M18 clay, smoke grenade.
  • engineer
    • Experts: Boris, Crawford and Lis.
    • Classroom Equipment: Repair Tool.
    • Class Equipment: AT Mine, C5 Explosive, EOD Bot, FXM-33 AA Missile, M5 Recoilless.
  • explorer
    • Experts: Casper, Paik and Rao.
    • Class Equipment: Enter Beacon.
    • Class gadgets: C5 explosive, M18 claymore, proximity sensor, SOFLAM, tracer dart, T-UGS.
  • Support
    • Specialists: Angel, Falck and Irish.
    • Classroom equipment: Defibrillator.
    • Class Gadgets: Ammo Box, Medical Box, M18 Claymore, Smoke Grenade.

All other details about the classes can be found in this article.

The Breakaway Redesign

As expected, the Breakaway map will also undergo a complete overhaul, offering a more exciting experience than today. There is reason to be confident because of the work already done on previously redesigned cards. The expected improvements are:

Glacier Peak: Formerly a wide open area with little cover for protection, the Penguins have created an outpost with buildings to traverse to gain control of the immediate area.

Ice Shelf: Significant improvements have been made to the Breakaway Ice Shelf area, with a new flag on the glacier and new routes to encourage flanking between the glacier and the relocated oil rig.

Oil Rig: One of our favorite game locations has been moved to the base of the Glacier, allowing for even more frenetic combat as it’s closer to the action than before. New ways to attack an oil platform have been defined and new paths and covers have been introduced to the game.

Snow Cave: Nestled in the glacier, you’ll find a snow cave with a crashed Condor MV-38 inside. Valuable resources are scattered around this location as your team works to secure this new capture point.

Workers’ Village: Military presence and fortifications have increased in this area. Cleaner navigation and shorter distances between pick-up points should ensure traffic remains smooth in Fahla Village. Rumor has it that the workers of this village also throw the best parties. But we haven’t received an invitation yet.

Other new features to come

In addition to these great additions, Battlefield 2042 version 3.2 will introduce thermal sights. Unlike older games, the entire screen will not benefit from the effect, only what the player will see in the viewfinder. Zain will also be able to take advantage of this with the XM370A. Smoke from equipment or vehicles will be opaque, while smoke from the environment will be transparent.

Thanks to new weapons and equipment, enough other new elements are added to the thermal landscapes to make the game more consistent.

Thermal sights

  • TR-1 Thermal 1.25x
    • This scope is ideal for close combat, its compact display will provide valuable information when working in dark stairwells or narrow corridors.
    • Equip: 12m Auto, AC-42, AK-24, AM40, Avancys, Ghostmaker R10, K30, LCMG, M5A3, MCS-880, MP9, NVK-S22, PBX-45, PKP-BP, PP-29, Rorsch Mk-4 and SFAR-M GL
  • T4 Thermal 2.5x
    • A mid-range choice between three new viewfinders whose black and white display finds best use when engaging players in warehouses or container parks.
    • Equipped with: AC-42, AM40, Avancys, BSV-M, DM7, GVT 45-70, M5A3, PKP-BP, Rorsch Mk-4, SFAR-M GL, SVK, VCAR
  • 2038 Thermal 6x
    • Perfect for long range combat and finding enemy snipers hiding in the bush.
    • Equipped with BSV-M, DM7, DXR-1, NTW-50, Rorsch Mk-4, SVK, SWS-10.

car accessories

  • The active protection system comes on the M1A5 and T28.
  • Low Radars for Air Vehicles are coming: If you’re flying less than 30 meters above the ground, you’ll now be immune to vehicle-based weapon locks.

New Weapons in the Chest for Total War

The studio also brings a ton of fixes, which are listed here.

This new update will be available next week on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. The game is included in EA Play and therefore in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass.

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