5 things to try with ChatGPT, the AI ​​that talks to you (almost) naturally

If you’re used to social networking, you’ve surely heard about ChatGPT in the past few days. Created by OpenAI, this tool is ChatBot, a conversational bot that can understand and answer questions in natural language.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 algorithm, ChatGPT impresses with its execution speed and ability to deliver answers that are sometimes quite mechanical, but often quite relevant. The bot can answer almost all of your queries, except for those that are about something illegal. Above all, ChatGPT can handle your inquiries in multiple languages, including French, and covers all possible and imaginable topics.

ChatGPT was so successful that its creators had to limit the number of connections to a few hours due to the influx of users. And for good reason, this chatbot, still in beta and only available online to the general public since last Wednesday, has already crossed one million users.

When asked the direct question “What is ChatGPT?” », the chatbot answers quite clearly:

“ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence software that allows you to chat with a robot in a natural way. This AI uses the GPT-3 language processing model trained by OpenAI to understand the meaning of words and sentences and generate appropriate responses based on the context of the conversation.

ChatGPT is designed to be easy to use and accessible to everyone. You can chat with the AI ​​about any topic and it will try to answer you in a consistent and natural way. You can also ask him questions about specific topics and he will try to give you accurate and detailed answers.

In summary, ChatGPT is an interesting AI application that allows you to chat with a bot in a natural way. You can use it to discuss any topic, ask questions about specific topics, or just have fun. »

How to use ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT, you must first create an account on a dedicated page on the Open AI site. You will need to fill in your email address and confirm it by clicking on the link sent to your address. OpenAI will then ask you for your first and last name as well as your mobile number to send it a verification code to finalize your registration.

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In order to use OpenAI tools, you must specify the purposes for which you want to use them. For personal use, so you have to choose “I’m investigating personal use”. This will ensure you are logged in to the chatbot.

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Why use ChatGPT?

OpenAI fed it billions of data to feed GPT-3, the language model that drives ChatGPT. These come from various text corpora, web indexing tools responsible for analyzing and recording information published on the Internet. Simply put, ChatGPT’s knowledge is derived from content available on the Internet, which can be obtained from information sites, as well as encyclopedic platforms such as Wikipedia and even online libraries.

Although the capabilities offered by ChatGPT are already impressive, some experts say that this is only a limited demonstration and that the capabilities offered by the GPT-3 algorithm may still be good.

1. Write a cover letter

Writing a cover letter is not always easy. If you’re struggling to find ideas to start writing your own, you can ask ChatGPT for some help. To do this, simply ask him to write a cover letter that highlights your field, experience and skills. Add as many details as possible so that ChatGPT can create a letter that matches your profile as closely as possible. If ChatGPT knows how to write a cover letter in French, you can ask them to write you a cover letter in another language.

ChatGPT cover letter
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Although the sentences generated by ChatGPT in this use case often lack originality, the result remains very satisfying even if nothing replaces your originality and penmanship.

2. Find inspiration

No inspiration for your Christmas menu, your next YouTube video or room decor? Let ChatGPT suggest ideas for you. Ask him directly for ideas for your project and you will find that the sculptor has put in a lot of effort for you. ChatGPT then suggests ideas to you in the form of a bulleted list. All you have to do is explore the offers and choose one to start your project.

ChatGPT Christmas menu
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3. Solve the math problem

The logic of mathematics is not for everyone. If you are facing an unsolvable problem and no one around you can help you and explain the solution, ChatGPT can help you.

ChatGPT Math
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Present your problem, equation, or transaction directly to it, and the chatbot will take care of finding a solution with supporting explanations. Be careful, however, if relatively simple operations are solved without difficulty, the answers obtained for slightly more complex calculations are often off the mark. Based on the corrected exercises posted online, ChatGPT couldn’t even give the smallest correct answer for solving equations with two unknowns, for example!

4. Explain a complex concept to you

Generally, when trying to understand a complex concept, the first instinct is to go to Wikipedia to try to see more clearly. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the explanations available in the joint encyclopedia are too technical to be understood by ordinary people. While ChatGPT’s algorithm is partially based on some data from Wikipedia, it is also fed billions of other data from other sites. So you might ask if ChatGPT can explain certain complex concepts to you.

ChatGPT complex concept
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5. Debug your code

Are you a developer? If you have any doubts about your code, you can submit it directly to ChatGPT for debugging. Chatbots seem particularly good at this. We are unable to verify this as our skills in this area are limited.

Nevertheless, numerous comments posted by the developers on Twitter show that ChatGPT’s skills in this area are quite impressive. Here, for example, the chatbot was able to exactly fix this developer’s code.

But ChatGPT has more than one trick when it comes to development. For example, a developer asked him to code an extension for WordPress after providing him with a brief.

In this case, ChatGPT managed to create a perfectly functional extension for the CMS in a matter of seconds.

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