Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct: Summary!

2023 will be full of Xbox exclusives Developer_Direct ! The teams at Xbox and Bethesda took us through the extensive gameplay and shared important information about some new games coming soon to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass. Forza Motorsport, Minecraft legendsand red autumnalso the next chapter The Elder Scrolls Online.

Here comes another surprise: the announcement and release of an unexpected new title from Tango Gameworks: Hi-Fi Rushaction-rhythm game now available on Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Here’s a summary of all the announcements from Xbox and Bethesda from Developer_Direct:

Mojang Studios has announced the release date for its action and strategy game in collaboration with Blackbird Interactive. Minecraft legends, scheduled for April 18. In the game’s story-driven campaign, you’ll explore a world full of treasure and danger, track down familiar enemies, meet new characters, and strategize with your allies in epic battles against piglins. Minecraft legends will also offer a first-of-its-kind Player vs. Player mode where two teams of up to 4 players must gather resources, build a base, and begin a siege of opposing forces.

Minecraft legends It will be released on April 18 and will be included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, available on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5|4, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The developers at Turn 10 Studios showed us how they did it Forza Motorsport More realistic in graphics, sound and feel through its cars and tracks to offer you a true generational leap.

Forza Motorsport will be available this year on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC, will be included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and will be playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming (in Beta). You’ll also be able to experience an all-new online game mode and single-player campaign focused on upgrading your cars.

Tango Gameworks surprised us with the announcement and release of a brand new title: Hi-Fi Rush. It’s a larger-than-life single-player action rhythm game where the world reacts to the beat of the music, unlike any other game from the studio.

You play as Chai, a lazy person who dreams of being a rock star and wears a music player integrated right into his chest. With the help of his unexpected allies, River will have to defend himself in rhythm battles to the sounds of tracks by famous rock groups such as Nine Inch Nails or The Black Keys.

Hi-Fi Rush now available on Game Pass on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

The team at ZeniMax Online Studios has given us more details about this year’s major update with a new chapter in the game. The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom It will be released in June and will allow you to return to the strange lands of Morrowind to enter its unexplored eastern regions. In this chapter, you can enjoy the long-awaited addition that fans have been waiting for: a new playable class, the Arcanist. The latter will offer new abilities and mechanics, making it the third new class added since the game’s launch.

The developers also announced that a free trial version of ESO Plus is now available for a limited time. The latter will allow you to discover all additional content and previous chapters (exceptHigh Island) from the base game, even if you play it through Game Pass. To know more about Necromfollow the dedicated event The Elder Scrolls Online Released right after Developer_Direct.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom It will be available on PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation consoles in June.

Arkane Austin revealed a little more red autumnthrough a long game stage that allows you to explore an open world, terrifying vampires (with a glimpse of the mighty “Vampire Gods”), customization of your characters, lairs of psychic vampires and much more.

The good news is that Arkane’s story-driven first-person shooter will be available on May 2 to let you hunt down vampires on the streets of Redfall, Massachusetts, in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Arkane also announced the game’s pre-order bonuses and its release Bite backincluding a Hero transition is packed with content including new characters, costumes, weapons and more.

red autumn It will be available on Game Pass on Xbox Series X|S and PC. For more information, visit

What does XBOX have in store this year?

  • StarfieldThe new game from Bethesda Game Studios will have a special event this year.
  • Another annual Showcase will also be held in Los Angeles this summer.

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