What is Hi-Fi Rush, the great surprise game now available on Xbox?

Microsoft made it official during the Developer_Direct conference Hi-Fi Rush, an instantly available rhythm action game. We’ve discovered the first two levels and can’t wait to play them again.

Microsoft had a big surprise for its Developer_Direct broadcast on January 25 – its first successful outing in 2023 (and not just because of its brilliant visuals). Forza Motorsport). On the occasion of this conference, we discovered its existence Hi-Fi Rush, an action game now available on PC, Xbox, and Xbox Game Pass. called “ shadow drop ” and this is a great initiative by Microsoft.

This is the full game and not a playable demo or early access version. Tango Gameworks studio, to which we owe two horror games The Evil Withindeveloped Hi-Fi Rush Be careful not to let any spills spoil this unexpected trip. This colorful trailer (which contrasts with Shinji Mikami, the father of this film) is interesting. Resident Evil) and launched this inspiring art direction Hi-Fi Rush time to complete the first two levels. We ask for more.

It’s really, really nice. // Source: Xbox Screenshot

Hi-Fi Rushor the little confetti of January 2023

In Hi-Fi Rush, we play Chai, a rock star who becomes an anomaly after a botched operation by a shady company. And for good reason: his heart is connected to a digital walker (an iPod, if we want to popularize it), which will make his entire existence count. For Tango Gameworks, this starting postulate is, above all, an excuse to turn a simple hit (an action game where you shoot everyone) into a rhythmic test that, by the way, likes the soundtrack (Nine Inch Nails, The Black Cheys…) . A marriage of reminiscent genres Metal: Hellsingeran ersatz torment you need to hit at the right pace.

Hi-Fi Rush // Source: Xbox Capture
Tony Stark, but with an iPod. // Source: Xbox Screenshot

What is the benefit of writing with rhythm? In addition to its tendency to make you gesticulate on your couch like a Dancing With the Stars contestant, this cover is devilishly effective. By chaining combinations of weak and strong hits after the song, you will deal more damage. While the first level offers a fairly accessible experience, the challenge thickens from the next level on, with more varied enemies and a boss that requires you to learn his attacks. The idea to win is not to write like crazy, but sometimes to delay your shots to execute beautiful sequences. It’s clever and intoxicating.

We even see a good progression in the game. For example, you unlock a grappling hook that can be used to climb farther or rush towards bad robots to keep the flow going. Are you afraid of not having the ear to be effective? The developers thought of an option to add a visual aid (environments are dotted with it, otherwise). There is even a tool to check its installation delay.

Hi-Fi Rush // Source: Xbox Capture
A great robot boss! // Source: Xbox Screenshot

First minutes Hi-Fi Rush not encouraging for a simple reason: he moves very well, with a nervousness adapted to strong fights. Instantly enjoy embodying Tea, who will gain support from allies as the adventure progresses. The icing on the cake: there’s a cute cat that we can hang out with between the two missions (which last about forty minutes and give you points for your prowess).

A priori, we are not the only ones to be conquered: on Steam, first reviews are “very positive”. For a completely paradoxical studio, this is quite worthy: it is in the process of asserting itself, abandoning its favorite genre (horror for a consultative, carefree and humorous universe). And once again, we can thank Xbox Game Pass for highlighting such nuggets that deserve more exposure.

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