United States of America. After M&M’s, conservatives target Xbox, woke to its environmental policies

L’American way of life would be in danger. Conservative Republicans are loudly warning that the American way of life may be disappearing. Last week, it was M&M who was considered “woke” – as defined by the antenna of the conservative right, FoxNews they are “People who would rather silence their critics than listen to them”. Today, the same video game giant is attacking the Xbox.

The company announced on January 11 that it is rolling out a series of updates to improve the energy efficiency of existing consoles in order to meet Microsoft’s goal of becoming. “carbon neutral” by the end of the decade, he says Washington post . In particular, the company will schedule updates for games, apps and other software at night, when electricity consumption is lower and renewables make up more of the energy mix.

‘Recruiting’ children into climate policy

It will also refresh older consoles, putting them into “power saving mode”, which is already used by recent consoles. It’s not enough to whip a cat, you think. But that’s without considering the threat to the “American way of life” that conservative Republicans have been decrying for weeks. “What they’re doing is crazy, presenter Jimmy Failla regrets FoxNewsduring the broadcast. They’re trying to get your kids involved in climate policy at an earlier age. »

“The Woke Brigade Buys Video Games”

“Now the woke brigade is going after video games”Warns the Young America Foundation that Los Angeles Times as appropriate “one of the most prominent, influential and controversial forces in the nation’s conservative youth movement”.

First they go after gas stoves, then coffee, and now Xbox.

– Ted Cruz, US Senator

Republican political figures are also involved in this case. Tea Party leader, Texas Senator Ted Cruz tweeted: “First they’re after gas stoves, then coffee, and now they’re after Xbox. » For Congressman Troy Nehls, Republican: “They want to buy your weapons. They want to take your gas stoves. And now they want to buy your Xbox. What’s next? »

If two Republicans are talking about cooking gas, it’s because of defenseAmerican way of life a topic exploited by conservatives in recent weeks. On Monday, Jan. 9, a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission said he has not ruled out banning gas stoves because they are harmful to health and the environment.

An outcry among Republicans bemoaning the threat to their cherished way of life. The president of the agency later stepped back, saying that there was no ban on the agenda.

On Monday, January 23, it was confectionery M&M’s that announced that its characters reminiscent of the shape of chocolate candies will stop until further notice. They were judged “wakes up”also “fat”, “less sexy”or directly “homosexuals”By Tucker Carlson, star FoxNews.

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Faced with the allegations, Xbox has not responded. is asked by Washington postXbox technical program lead Blaine Hauglie tried to reassure: “You can adjust your settings at any time, choosing the one that suits you best. » But I’m not sure it’s enough, in my defenseAmerican way of life It seems like a good vein to reinvigorate the Republicans.

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