Pixel 7 pro vs s22 ultra: pros and cons

Google and Samsung are among the world’s digital leaders. Each has many inventions that are more powerful than the other.

This article focuses on Google’s Pixel 7 pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Google Pixel 7 vs Samsung S22 Ultra comparison

It contrasts these two mobile models by presenting the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Google Pixel 7 pro

This smartphone from the Google brand was launched in early 2022. Given the popularity of its producer, it had no trouble making a name for itself. However, apart from the superior performance of this device, its users found some drawbacks.

Google Pixel 7 pro advantages

The biggest asset of this device is undoubtedly its superior performance. Its Tensor G2 mobile chip is very efficient, which justifies the very high multitasking index (100) of this smartphone. Its average frame rate is 125i/s versus 31i/s for the s22 ultra. Pixel 7 pro is also found to be better in gaming rating and overall rating. Therefore, it would be a dream device for video game lovers.

Plus, like Google’s other Pixels, the Pixel 7 pro is an excellent camera phone. The producer didn’t have to force his talent or offer more than equipment. The photo quality of Google Pixels is still unmatched. Moreover, the presentation of the Pixel 7 pro is quite classic for a device in this range. Compared to other smartphones, it is still exceptional with 5G connectivity, IP68 certification, digital unlocking and facial recognition.

Cons Google Pixel 7 pro

Among the disadvantages of this device, first of all, we note its low durability. In terms of repairability, the Pixel 7 pro scores just 7.1/10 versus 8.2/10 for its rival. In this section, we will also highlight the low (or less) autonomy and longer charging time of the Pixel 7 pro. Charging the Pixel 7 pro takes around one hour and forty-five minutes (1h45′) compared to one hour and seven minutes (1h07′) for the Samsung smartphone.

When it comes to autonomy, even if we note the evolution of the Pixel 7 pro compared to its predecessors (15:53), it remains disappointing for a smartphone in this category. Meanwhile, the s22 ultra has an autonomy of more than seventeen hours, more precisely 17 hours and 27 minutes.

Samsung S22 ultra: The perfect smartphone

Unlike the previous model, the s22 ultra was introduced at the end of 2022. There are more positives than negatives for the South Korean competitor’s model. Against the Pixel 7 pro, the Galaxy s22 ultra wins in several rounds. This does not mean that it is a perfect model.

Samsung S22 ultra highlights

Samsung S22 Ultra smartphone

The s22 ultra wins first in the design match. Like all inventions of the South Korean brand, s22 has an ultra-sleek and attractive appearance.

The model notably has a pen fully integrated into the chassis; this should, in principle, make it more productive.

According to this criterion, the s22 really has comparable features to those of its competitor. However, its curved Oled panel takes up 90.2% of the screen surface, compared to just 88.7% for the Pixel 7 pro.

A small difference in weight is usually a minor concern that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Finally, the s22 lasts longer than a Google-branded phone. It is also the most comprehensive when it comes to reflectance and maximum brightness levels.

Weaknesses Samsung S22 ultra

It’s hard to hide disappointment with the photo quality of this device, but it’s so attractive. It remains well below expectations. If the manufacturer provided its device with a 108-megapixel main module (twice as large as its competitor), the display quality leaves something to be desired, especially for night photos. In addition, the s22 is unchallenged by the Pixel 7 pro in terms of performance. Also, admittedly, benchmarks captured by the s22 ultra, the Pixel 7 pro is never far behind. So it’s not a landslide or an unequivocal victory.

Smartphone Google Pixel 7 pro vs Samsung S22 ultra: Verdict

Smartphone Google Pixel 7 pro
Google Pixel 7 pro smartphone

Pixel 7 pro and s22 are all high-end phone models.

Thus, each of them will be suitable for everyone, regardless of whether they use it for personal or professional purposes.

However, if the Galaxy s22 looks more advanced in many points, the Google smartphone looks a little more homogeneous.

It is clearly better than the s22 on its strengths, especially in terms of performance and photographic quality

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