Paul-Sabatier University challenges the Department and the State

The proposal was accepted by a majority vote. On January 23, Paul-Sabatier University held an extraordinary board of directors meeting to review the occupation of the building. Indeed, one of the affected buildings Ministry of Higher Education and Research At the University of Toulouse 3 (MESR) – Paul Sabatier (UT3) “has been occupied without right or title since December 12, 2022,” the board of directors wrote in a discussion report. This is building 4R3, which was originally designated for research activities and has been decommissioned since February 2022.

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Building to be demolished

There are several laboratories in building 4R3. Thanks to them, it was later moved to a new building Funding from the Campus Plan. This plan initially involved the demolition of building 4R3. However, the board of directors emphasizes that the renovations are intended for “future operation for activities related to the university’s missions.”

As a result, a tender was announced for the selection of a project management assistant for the restoration of the building. This call for tender is currently being issued to a service provider. In short, “4R3 building never intended for habitation and under no circumstances can it be considered as a building where people can live,” the council notes.

State and Department capture

Order of January 13, 2023 Toulouse Administrative Court Completed emergency eviction of occupants without title or title to building 4R3. “UT3’s board of directors is considering this decision,” the board said. However, the latter reminds that this expulsion was issued by the same court on December 29, 2022.

The council emphasizes in its discussions that the missions of the university defined by the Education Code, as well as the funds allocated by the state for their implementation, are “training and research”. In addition, the members of the council emphasized that asylum and migration issues depend on the country. sovereign powers of the state.

The special work of minor migrants is part of the missions of departmental councils”, the Council reminds.

Therefore, the university believes that building 4R3 is not an acceptable housing solution for the current residents. In this context, the UT3 Board of Directors urges the competent authorities to look into this case and provide for the current residents of building 4R3. living solutions that respect human dignity. 31 out of 36 members of the Council participated in the voting. 30 of them voted in favor of the proposal to occupy the building, and only one voter voted against it.

The department defends itself

After the call of the Board, the Department reacts. As a result, Sebastian Vinci, the new President of the Department Council met with the President of the University of Toulouse 3 to discuss the situation of migrants living on campus. The institution states that it is “fully mobilized to take care of all young people who have been declared minors by the courts.”

Recall that care for unaccompanied minors It belongs to the jurisdiction of the District Council Within the “Protection of Children” framework. For now, three minors are under the protection of children, the Department informed. In addition, migrants who declare themselves to be minors benefit from follow-up, which lasts an average of three weeks and includes an assessment by a multidisciplinary medical-social team. This is possible thanks to monitoring DDAEOMIIt reminds of the structural institution created by the administration in 2016.

Finally, I would like to emphasize once again the role of Haute-Garonne care of unaccompanied minors, especially when directing them to the appropriate structures and reminding that if “the young people are recognized as adults by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, then the competent and responsible state for isolated adults must care for, receive and accompany them. in an irregular situation in the territory”. The ball is now in the state’s court.

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