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Weeny Issi is available in GTA Online with the Rallye Arena War event

Bonuses and promotions for the week of January 26 – February 1, 2023

The Southern San Andreas Super Autos dealership has a new car, the Weeny Issi Rallye, now available in GTA Online for GTA$1,835,000. Plus, there’s an all-new event week with bonuses and promotions around Arena Warfare activities, including bonuses on select vehicles and discounts on Arena vehicle upgrades.

New to GTA Online

Weeny Issi Rallye

GTA $1,835,000

Issi is available in a new version today with the arrival of Weeny Issi Rallye to GTA Online. This SUV is available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for GTA$1,835,000.

Additionally, on Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5, this new car features the LS Auto Show HSW upgrade, which can be equipped on the Issi Rallye for GTA$650,000.


Empty Winky

As every week, Rockstar Games is offering to win a car by completing a small challenge in the LS car showroom, this week we can win. Empty Winky by completing the problem listed below. After the challenge is over, don’t forget to claim your new car via the interaction menu while in Car Meet.

Finish in the top 1 in a street race for 3 consecutive days


Ocelot Pariah

Ocelot Pariah

Try to win this week in GTA OnlineOcelot Pariah On the Diamond Casino podium is a sports car worth GTA$1,420,000.
A draw every 24 hours and a one in twenty chance of winning it.

You can only spin the Wheel of Fortune once per day and you will have a 1 in 20 chance of winning it on each draw.


Double Earning in Arena War Actions

During the week, Arena War activities double rewards in GTA$, RP and Arena Points. If you want to level up in these time-consuming activities to unlock the corresponding rewards, why not the special taxi unlocked at LvL 25 to take part in new taxi races with your new car?

To participate:
Pause Menu → Online → Actions → Play Action → Created by Rockstar → Arena War

Double win in Motor Battle Enemy mode

If Arena Warfare isn’t enough for you, upgrade to Motorized Warfare, for the next 7 days Motorized Warfare Enemy Mode will reward everyone who participates with Double GTA$ and RP.

To participate:
Pause Menu → Online → Actions → Play Action → Created by Rockstar → Competitive mode

Double profit in taxi missions

After killing it in Arena Wars and Motor Wars, relax behind the wheel of your own or company taxi, this week’s GTA Online Taxi Missions pay double in GTA$ and RP (and quadruple for GTA+ members).

Event in First Dose Missions

By February 8th, complete First Dose missions on Hard difficulty to receive various rewards that will be distributed to you before February 17th.

  • Kisema drift pattern for Annis 300R : Complete any First Dose mission without dying on hard difficulty.
  • Green Foolinganz pattern for Brickade 6×6 : Complete any First Dose mission on Hard difficulty.
  • Safari Ranger example for enterprise MT : Complete 3 First Dose missions on Hard difficulty.
  • Speed ​​​​​​​​Demon example for Cypher : Complete any First Dose mission in under 10 minutes on Hard difficulty.

Cars are available at dealers

car dealers Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury cars update car stocks every week, here are the ones on display, as for simeon dealer, it is possible to test the upcoming new player.

  • Luxury car:
    • Principle Deveste Eight
    • Weeny Issi Rallye
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport:
    • Philanthropist Schalgen GT
    • Override the impaler class
    • Leave Vamos class
    • Pegassi Zentorno
    • Schyster Deviant

Cars to be tested at Car Meet

In addition, every week it is possible to test different cars at the test track of the Los Santos motor show, currently they are:

  • Annis-Remus
  • Grotti Italian GTO
  • Tailgater S
  • Weeny Issi Rallye (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)

Against the clock

Here are the time trials of the week, the classic and RC time trials offer 100,000 GTA each if you beat the target time, and 250,000 GTA for Hao’s Specials.

  • Against the clock: The station (01:26.00)
  • RC Time Trial: center (01:45.00)
  • HSW Time Trial: Ron is an alternative (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)


Arena Car Transformations


  • Benevolent BruiserGTA $1,126,300
  • Bravado SasquatchGTA $1,071,612
  • Override the impaler classGTA $846,650
  • Empty dominatorGTA $792,400
  • Empty SlamvanGTA $925,312
  • Weeny IssiGTA $762,300
  • Western death bikeGTA $588,300

arena workshop

Principle Deveste Eight

Principle Deveste Eight
super sports car


1,795,000 GTA$
1,256,500 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Grotti Italian GTO

Grotti Italian GTO


1,965,000 GTA$
1,375,500 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Pegassi Zentorno

Pegassi Zentorno
super sports car


725,000 GTA$
435,000 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

arena workshop
and its customizations


995,000 GTA$
597,000 GTA$

arena war


Here are the benefits reserved for Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) members, you must have an active subscription to the service and link it to your Rockstar Games Social Club account (links here). If you are new to the program, it may take up to 10 days to receive the following full bonuses in GTA Online.

GTA$125,000 is awarded weekly to Prime Gaming members who play GTA Online.

Offered GTA$125,000

Prime Gaming members, log into GTA Online this week to claim GTA$125,000. You will be paid within 72 hours after receiving the money.

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