Dual Sense Edge: Isn’t the price of the new PS5 Edge controller a bit inflated? Our full review

One of the main success factors of a video game console is the quality of its controller, and the PlayStation 5 is about to improve on that. On January 26, PlayStation fans will finally be able to get their hands on it DualSense Edgean updated version of the console’s standard DualSense wireless controller, thanks to a recent PlayStation 5 update that added software support for this long-awaited controller.

Unfortunately, if the DualSense Edge offers a wide range of customization options and improving the overall quality of life, while also being one of the most expensive video game controllers ever produced. With standard price €239.99, the DualSense Edge is a big investment that might be too expensive for all but the most dedicated gamers. Ultimately, such a purchase depends on the player’s intentions and wallet.

Technical characteristics of DualSense Edge

Gamepad Name: DualSense Edge
Enter: USB-C, wireless
Compatibility: PS5, PC
Battery life: approximately. 6 hours
Price: €239.99 (recommended retail price)
Created by: sony

The DualSense Edge adds new features to an already excellent controller

Here are the contents of the Sony DualSense Edge box:

  • DualSense Edge controller
  • Transport bag
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable with locking mechanism
  • 2x raised convex bars
  • 2x convex rods
  • 2x round back switches
  • 2x paddle back buttons

First shown at Gamescom 2022, the DualSense Edge is the most advanced controller many have seen. Sony’s attempt to compete with the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Just like the new Xbox controller, the DualSense Edge actually is a better version of the standard PlayStation 5 controllerit tries to solve all the problems players had with the original controller while improving immersion properties.

Although the DualSense Edge looks like a regular DualSense, it isglossy black finish and black buttons instead of the usual white buttons on the front. The center of the controller is also piano black the touchpad is a bit large it’s different from the standard DualSense and also has a black color with a distinctive PlayStation button design.

Like the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, the main selling point of the DualSense Edge great ability for customization. One of the most common complaints about the original DualSense is that gamers can’t change the controller’s sensitivity settings to suit their preferred gaming style.

Dualsense external controller ps5

In contrast, the DualSense Edge allows gamers tospecify almost all aspects joystick maneuverability,button assignment for change the sensitivity of the control sticks. These options allow players to customize the DualSense Edge consider wear issues such as rod slippage and eliminate minor annoyances such as hard-to-manage dead zones.

But the sticks didn’t quite convince us. Sony chose to use ALPS rods rather than choosing a hall-sensitive alternative. This means thatafter about 400 hours of playAccording to iFixit, the possibility of damage to the rods and therefore the possibility of the rods slipping is greatly increased.

The stick modules should be sold separately in the future.

The L1 and R1 buttons are exactly the same as the original DualSense, while the L2 and R2 buttons are lightly textured. provides better grip.

We find it on the back release switch for stick modules, easily removable thanks to a lever mechanism at the bottom. there is also two function keys can be set as desired by software. They are at the bottom of the controller and relatively easy to ignore. However, they are pleasant to the touch and we never struggled to reach them.

The DualSense Edge’s commitment to customization is also evident in the controller’s accessories. DualSense Edge features like its closest competitor editable componentsespecially sleeve cuffs and back buttons.

with three sleeve flaps and two sets of back buttonsDualSense Edge allows players to change what could be button tissue uncomfortable against the other, making it easier to play games that require repeated keystrokes or intense stick movements.

To complete the features of this controller, we regret the 6 hours of autonomy, which is significantly less than that of the standard controller. This issue was already touched upon in the previous article. Too bad the storage case doesn’t offer a direct charging solution

The price of the DualSense Edge makes it too expensive for non-competitive gamers

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Unfortunately, while the DualSense Edge’s new features are welcome, its price tag may deter some gamers from picking one up. With a marketing campaign DualSense highlights the Edge’s compatibility with first-person shooters incredibly fast FortniteSony is pitching the controller to competitive gamers who are willing to spend more on their hobby than the average fan.

With esports becoming an increasingly popular and accessible activity, the DualSense Edge can look to tap into the growing market of gamers whose earnings are directly tied to their ability to compete with other players.

While gamers with accessibility issues can certainly benefit from the DualSense Edge’s customization options, the controller’s hefty price tag may knowingly deter many from purchasing one. For less than €239.99Edge price, you can get 3 DualSense Standard for 69 € apart from the promotion. As a result, the DualSense Edge will likely find most of its buyers among competitive gamers who have access to larger budgets than other gamers, but the purchase may not be worth the cost to the average gamer.

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