“CUFR today, University of Mayotte tomorrow”

It is customary to organize a traditional vow ceremony at the beginning of the year. This Wednesday morning, it was the turn of the Center for Training and Research (CUFR) of the university of Mayotte to introduce itself. The event was an opportunity for the president of the board of directors, Anrafati Combo, and the director of the university center, Abal-Kassim Cheik Ahamed, to learn about the projects and goals of the institution.

Mayotte university center started the year with music. Indeed, the students of the institution’s cultural center highlighted and demonstrated their know-how by celebrating the inauguration of the swearing-in ceremony around the traditional m’biwi. After a few minutes of musical performance, a place was reserved for speeches. From the beginning of his speech, Anrafati Combo points the finger at the lack of space, saying, ” it takes a dimension in our work and thoughts as well as in our daily activities, especially in the functioning of the institution. “. A problem shared by the director of the admitting enterprise ” implementation of the land strategy is the priority of our activity “.

Tomorrow’s university shows its nose

An expansion project will break ground by 2024-2025 to make up for the lack of space. Although this expansion is necessary, ” it will not be enough to eliminate the tension caused by the saturation of the surfaces allocated to higher education. “admits the director. There is also this vow ceremony for Anrafati Combo “a a unique moment that marks a new beginning towards the university of tomorrow. We must combine our strengths, differences, and knowledge to create a unique university that embraces and anchors its era. “. The institution is supposed to be transformed into a university, and therefore, of course, installation work will be carried out in the new area. ” Two perspectives for the creation of real estate are being discussed, inter-municipal and inter-municipal exchanges will be finalized in the first half of 2023. Abal-Kassim Cheik Ahamed adds. In addition to this university expansion and transformation project, the school will lease Technopol at the beginning of the next academic year. The purpose of this institution will be to coordinate scientific organizations and the socio-economic world in the dynamics of results evaluation.

A regional plan for higher education, research and innovation (SRERI) will be created to set directions in the areas of higher education, research and innovation, and “The general theme of future activities “the director notes.

“Innovative teaching methods”

“One of the axes defended by the university center is to offer students a modern website.” that they experimented with innovative teaching methods and that they chose the University of Mayotte without complexities and limitations “admits the director. The second axis is related to student life and the quality of services. In 101e The department develops university affairs, Crous RĂ©union-Mayotte is born at the beginning of the year. For the director, the words have meaning, the name more! It is truly a Crous from Mayotte with means dedicated to our area and its students “. This institution will intervene in issues such as pensions, catering, and social assistance.” This institution will also allow us to offer accommodation in the future campus of our university in the medium term. “, he hopes.

At the end of the ceremony, Abal-Kassim Cheik Ahamed confirms that this project is for Mayotte “ which aims to be ambitious, will provide the island with a university that meets the standards of the Republic and will reflect the identity of Mayotte. CUFR today, University of Mayotte tomorrow ! “. For the Chairman of the Board of Directors, The year 2023 will be written as an affirmation of our identity, vision and values, so that our university will be of quality and excellence. “.

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