Cod Warzone 2: Hard on the way for February

Game News Cod Warzone 2: Hard on the way for February

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After the first season, which should lay the foundation for the new version of Warzone, the second season comes to make the first adjustments. Expected on February 15th, new features for DMZ mode will be introduced along with general modifications to improve the gaming experience.


  • Warzone 2.0: global changes and the king of battle
  • Warzone 2.0: New features for DMZ mode

Warzone 2.0: global changes and the king of battle

Warzone 2.0, which launched on November 18, is about to enter its second season in February. As evidenced by the lengthy post published yesterday, season 2 brings a whole new set of features Call of duty official site. First of all, global changes are expected. Without going into details, these changes aim to improve the overall experience of players, such as bug fixes or options to spend less time in menus. When it comes to weapon balance, the team behind Warzone 2.0 promises news during the launch patch for the new season. : so we will have to wait for the studio to contact us on February 15.

As for the Battle Royale mode, it is primarily the return of the announced Gulag mode. Removed in season 1, it will return on February 15 with some tweaks to floor loot and weapon rotation: shotguns have been removed in favor of assault rifles, machine guns, and light machine guns. This is what the developers say “is actively working on a new map for the next seasons“.

In addition, the economy of the battle royale is also changed: more money is paid for passing through the gulag. Contracts will reward less cash, but the minimum cash to collect from various sources has been increased. Without going into details, adjustments have also been made to loot and inventory (medium and large backpacks disappear). A change in loadouts is also expected, players will all start with three armor plates and go a bit faster as they power up their armor.

Warzone 2.0: New features for DMZ mode

Especially at the level of DMZ mode, Warzone 2.0 brings major adjustments. Short for Demilitarized Zone, this mode involves completing tasks while eliminating opponents to get out of the zone. This mode came with the first season of the new version of the battle royale, and according to the developers, it was too difficult for the players. Therefore, they adjust the level of difficulty provided by the mode at several levels:

In Season 01, DMZ’s AIs were challenging, but the increase in difficulty was often brutal and some players became frustrated. With Season 02, we introduced a number of balance changes to adjust AI types, AI counts, ranged AI accuracy, and more (…) Data and feedback showed that the difficulty of Faction missions was too high for many players, and Season 01- the second weapon slot is also very difficult to unlock (by completing all level 3 missions) We adjusted the overall difficulty scale of the missions based on level progression. Higher level missions will still be very difficult even for experienced Operators, but we believe that having more direct access to an additional weapon slot will allow all players to progress better.

Of course, new missions are coming in this second season. It is enough to promise fashion lovers a breath of fresh air. More details about them are expected to be revealed in the coming days before this second season airs next February 15th. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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