ChatGPT has graduated from college, but something is missing

News JVTech ChatGPT has graduated from college, but something is missing

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Professor ChatGPT, who teaches at a prestigious American business school, has succeeded in demonstrating that artificial intelligence can get a degree there. However, this success for AI also shows that it is not adept at all disciplines.

That’s why we’ve been talking about ChatGPT a lot lately Artificial intelligence developed by the company OpenAI opens up a very important area of ​​expertise. Every day, new people find new ways to try it, and it also gives food for thought to people who are still confused or interested in the potential of AI.

It includes some people who want to test the limitations of ChatGPT Christian Terwiesch, professor of business at the Wharton Business School, a business school affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. He wanted to answer a simple question: Can AI graduate from this institute?

Yes, ChatGPT may be graduated, but…

In 26-page white paper available for freeChristian Terwiesch talks about his experience with ChatGPT. He explains that he asked the AI ​​the same questions he would ask a physical student to get an MBA-style degree. (Master of Business Administration), which can then lead to a job in finance or human resources.

The teacher thinks so The chatbot performed well overall : “He does amazing work on basic operations management and process analysis issues, including those based on case studies. Not only are the answers correct, but the explanations are excellent. »

But not everything is perfect: It turns out that ChatGPT is pretty bad at math. This may seem surprising because math problems usually have a specific answer, but The AI ​​sometimes makes surprising mistakes in level 6 calculations. Finally, Christian Terwiesch also points out that there is a chatbot “even if based on fairly standard models, it cannot address more advanced process analysis questions.”

A very average student, but still a graduate

The professor believes that, despite ChatGPT “He would get a B or B- on the exam” and therefore would be accepted with a score of approximately 12/20. Because there is one among the qualities of the chatbot the ability to learn from mistakes and easily correct them thanks to human intervention, for example, a teacher who can direct an answer during an oral exam. “In cases where it initially failed to match the problem with the correct solution, ChatGPT was able to compensate after receiving appropriate guidance from a human expert”.

Besides, after graduation, IA probably wouldn’t have much trouble finding a jobbecause the professor believes he is too “has demonstrated an excellent ability to automate certain tasks that normally fall to highly paid knowledge workers, specifically those with MBAs”. Things that scare professionals in the sector.

A truly revealing experience?

However, this experience should be taken with a grain of salt. This is the first reason Christian Terwiesch knew he was dealing with artificial intelligence and the result of this approach is necessarily biased by it. It is difficult to know whether his opinion would be the same in the face of an average student 6th grade is tested with math problems. So, it would probably take several professors to test their AI to average across experiments.

Christian Terwiesch’s approach nevertheless confirms previous findings, viz ChatGPT is a big challenge in the education sector, including when it comes to diplomas from major schools. The professor also believes that such a tool can be useful for teachers, who may choose to use it rather than oppose it.

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