Xboxes in the crosshairs of part of the American conservative right

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images XBox video game consoles are sold at Target during Black Friday on Friday, November 25, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. U.S. retailers are set for a slower-than-normal Black Friday as high inflation and weakening consumer sentiment wreak havoc. Americans demand material goods. Photographer: Christopher Dilts/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Xbox video game consoles for sale at Target in Chicago, USA, November 25, 2022.

United States – Accused of being politicized by America’s conservative right after the characters in the M&M’s commercials, now it’s Xbox that is being accused.

Some of the policies are indeed targeting Microsoft’s console, as the tech giant has upgraded its machines to run more efficiently, saving users on their electricity bills and reducing carbon emissions from the video game industry.

“What they are doing is crazyFox News anchor Jimmy Failla laments. They’re trying to get your kids involved in climate policy at an earlier age. »

“They want to buy your weapons. They want to take your gas stoves. And now they want to buy your Xboxes. What’s next? »wrote House Republican-elect Troy Nehls on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Senator Ted Cruz joked on Twitter: “First they’re targeting gas stoves, then your coffee, and now your Xbox. »

After burgers or gas ovens

The Xbox is indeed the latest product to join a long list of everyday items — including M&Ms, hamburgers, cars and gas stoves — targeted by conservatives who argue that efforts to reduce carbon emissions threaten the American way of life. “woke” refers to activism against all forms of discrimination and exclusion targeting one or more minorities.

On January 11, Microsoft announced in a blog post that the company is rolling out a series of updates to improve the energy efficiency of existing Xbox consoles. “carbon negative” by the end of the decade.

For example, Microsoft announced that whenever possible, it will schedule updates for games, apps, and other software at night, when renewable sources produce more electricity on the local grid.

Microsoft will also automatically update some older consoles to a power-saving mode to reduce power consumption when gaming runs out. This mode is already configured by default in new models. The change comes at a low cost for gamers: Booting the Xbox into sleep mode takes about 15 seconds compared to the “sleep” option. The Verge.

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