Test – Kingdom Rush, Tower-Defense, where mistakes are rarely allowed

Even if it didn’t revolutionize the genre and the port on Xbox didn’t bring much, kingdom rush It remains one of the best tower defense games I’ve ever played. Beautiful, clear and attractive, it will be quite difficult for fans of this genre. It should be in its own category free of microtransactions but paid on console where it’s free on mobile. Be careful, the trouble is there.

The best offense is defense

Does the tower-defense genre speak to you? I imagine they’ve been buzzing for years on all platforms, and especially on mobile. The goal is always the same, to prevent enemy troops from reaching a safe area you must defend at all costs . Two subgenres collide here. With or without a labyrinth. Realize that you either have to place your towers outside the predetermined path(s) that your enemies will roam around in, or you force them to go where you want them to go.

kingdom rush is in the maze genre and most likely you have already played it on your smartphone. If not, let me briefly outline the principle for you. Your kingdom is in ruins and you must reclaim it. There’s no shortage of levels, as new, trickier battle zones will become available once the campaign is complete. There, you encounter many creatures ready to unseat you, and you realize that the ultimate goal is not to let any of them pass. Good luck, you’ll need it.

you will not pass!

Ironhide Game Studio’s title is colorful, detailed, and perfectly fluid, regardless of the number of enemies on the screen. Believe me, there will be many more soon. The cartoon style offers a perfect reading of the terrain that only the accumulation of enemies can shake, but that’s the principle of this kind of title, don’t panic.

On the other hand, we regret that joystick maneuvering does not match the touch experience.. It’s hard to contend with in terms of ergonomics, but it’s perfectly playable on console.

To stop your opponents, you will be able to build four different types of towers. The barracks and its soldiers, the watchtower with archers, the magical temple where Gandalf stands guard and finally the artillery ready to fire cannonballs. Each of these towers will experience several evolutions that you will unlock during the game and for a fee., you will be able to upgrade their abilities. Money is regenerated by destroying enemies. Simple, effective.

But that’s not all, you will quickly benefit from a stronger “hero” than your troops, which you can place anywhere on the map to strengthen this or that front. There are many of them, so feel free to use them.. Reinforcements and meteor showers are also required. If the former are about as solid as chips, the cooling time during which meteorites are destructive, however, is quite short.

What is the plan?

Simple and quick to learn, Kingdom Rush is a must in its genre, but not recommended for everyone. Indeed, though it may seem childish both in form and substance, proves to be quite difficult on console and the touch/controller switch has nothing to do with it.

Even on minimum difficulty, the game will give you tough moments and the most complex challenges, even completing the title on high difficulty will not be within the reach of everyone. In fact, you will have very few. In the mobile version, the experience would be more digestible if the title offered advantages for shopping in the store, there is none of that here. Only your determination and strategic thinking will allow you to survive.

If you’ve ever had trouble with certain levels, Ironhide Game Studios offers you this on the game’s official website. zone-by-zone strategic guide. Go to this page to view.

Accessibility criteria

Visual impairment Hearing impairment
✘ High Contrast (Target Reticle) ✘ Subtitles with emoticons
✘ Font color size ✘ Identity of the person speaking
✘ Tagging enemies ✘ Customizable font
✘ Customizable interface ✘ Customizable font color
✘ Customizable minimap color ✘ Alternative alert options (vibrate, flash…)
✘ Color blindness option ✘ Announced ambient sounds (informs about presence)
✘ Text to speech selection
✘ Game Slowdown

Test conditions

TV details 4K The game is provided by the publisher yes
Console Xbox Series X Time spent playing 12 hours
Difficulty level easy Game over no

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