How to watch the conference? Towards big surprises?

The first Xbox conference of the year is just a few hours away. We tell you everything you need to know about this event, confirmed games and upcoming surprises.

The first conference of the year is coming. Microsoft will open the ball with a particularly anticipated speech. After missing the boat at the Game Awards 2022, the American publisher will unveil more of its upcoming exclusives during an unprecedented showcase that will feature Xbox Series and PC games. Date, time, how to watch the Xbox Direct conference, confirmed games, what to expect? We repeat a little.

Microsoft will present the first Xbox Developer Direct. A pre-taped Nintendo Direct conference aimed at further detailing some of their next exclusives to be released on Xbox Series X, PC and Xbox Game Pass in the coming months. the showcase It will happen this Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 9:00 p.m., France time. The duration of the conference has not been announced, but we already know that there will be an after party dedicated to the new main Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online to review all the new features of the expansion. .

Not a one-time special, the event will be broadcast on the media and on Xbox’s official communication channels, as well as on Bethesda. Go to their YouTube or Twitch channels to watch the conference live. They should also share their announcements on social networks in more or less real time. However, you can count on your loyal servants to deliver all the big announcements to you on the same evening.

All confirmed Xbox Series and PC games

For the sake of transparency, Microsoft has revealed all the games that will be available for a long time in this Xbox Direct. A total of four games will be mainly highlighted. Starting with Redfall, the next big Xbox Series exclusive led by the developers of Dishonored and Prey. Designed for solo and multiplayer, the FPS will more fully reveal its combat system, bosses, open world and even customization mechanics. Its new release date should finally be announced, and the game is rumored to finally be pushed back to May.

Forza Motorsport will also be in the spotlight during this event. The new generation of the flagship license will install its game in a more specific way, and the developers are already promising interesting details Minecraft Legends will also be there to provide its own competitive experience. The action and strategy game, developed in partnership with Blackbird Interactive, is expected in the spring. Microsoft is once again promising exclusive gameplay images, but a release date cannot be ruled out.

The Elder Scrolls Online will also be heavily featured on Xbox Direct. Zenimax will use this new release to unlock the Key Chapter of 2023, as well as new regions of Tamriel that can be explored in the coming months. Bethesda teasing the arrival of a new feature that will also be available in the game’s biggest update coming this year. The MMORPG will have the right to a special aftershow to reveal more about its future.

Redfall release date Xbox Direct conference

Big surprises waiting for you? A note on rumours

Four games and that’s it? Everything indicates that there will be some surprises during this Xbox Direct. Microsoft, however, made it clear from the beginning: no, it will not be Starfield. The massive RPG will be the subject of a special launch currently in development. So it seems unlikely that its release date will be announced during the event. On the other hand, new rumors suggest some minor announcements.

the leaking French BillbilKun has indeed revealed that a new Xbox Series exclusive will be announced very soon. The game in question would be called Hi-Fi Rush, formerly known as Project Hibiki. Developed by Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within, Ghostwire Tokyo), the title would be different from what the studio has offered so far. It really would have been a production banned at least 12 years ago, much to the usual horror of the developers. According to some rumors, it would actually be some kind of futuristic shooter with a multiplayer component. This new Xbox Series game will be a smaller title than usual, just like Pentiment and Obsidian.

Xbox Game Pass also has a few surprises waiting for you. January is indeed a very lean month with only a few titles added at the moment. Subscribers made no secret of their disappointment after such a poor finish to the year, but Microsoft was confident. This first wave did not exist rather than warming up “, hinting at some releases soon. The Xbox Developer Direct seems like the perfect place to introduce a new batch of XGP games available right away. Some rumors also suggest a very big game coming to the service: Cyberpunk 2077. Just January 25, 2023 for the story to end. we have to wait for the year.

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