Five things to remember from Tony Estanguet’s wishes

For Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, the year that begins will be incredible and very specific. He explained this for more than an hour at the headquarters of the Organizing Committee of the Games with general manager Étienne Thobois.

Security: “We are in the past”

Although the Court of Auditors in its latest report pointed to a shortage of private security agents and the almost inevitable use of internal security forces by Paris 2024, Tony Estanguet admitted that the conversation “ real problem “. However, he recalled that the committee, which needs 17,000 guards per day, ” in past times “. Paris 2024 received 700 proposals during the first wave of calls for tenders from private security companies and began to find a second one. 50% of needs “, he noted.

We’ll see if we can make it to the end (tender process) personal protection “, he continued to address the shortage of private guards, stressing that all scenarios are possible, including the one in which Paris 2024 will turn to internal security forces, i.e. compensated security services (SOI). ” It already exists in football, it has a public dimension and it will apply to Paris 2024 said Etienne Thobois, CEO of Paris 2024.

Year of the test event: “Three types of test event”

Tony Estanguet noted that there will be ” three types of tests between now and the opening of the Games. Test events to be directly organized by Paris 2024, such as the sailing races in Marseille from 9 to 16 July or the mountain bike races on the hill of Elancourt on 24 September. Some events will be organized by the International Federations, such as rowing and para-rowing from August 2 to 6, or archery and para-archery at the foot of the Eiffel Tower from August 17 to 20.

Finally, operational trials will be held by the committee, such as handball and weightlifting at the Porte de Versailles from August 8 to 12, or a full equestrian event at the Palace of Versailles on September 19.

Participation of Russian athletes in the 2024 Games: “It is the IOC who decides on this”

Tony Estangue spoke about their presence in Paris before the IOC Executive Council announced this Wednesday afternoon that it had set conditions for the return of the Russian athletes: “ The IOC decides which delegations will be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games and the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) for the Paralympic Games “. He added: “ Rules for qualifications are regulated by International Federations this does not allow participation of Russian athletes in most cases. For the moment.

“The Organizing Committee should not interfere in the selection of the delegations that should participate in the Games”

The Organizing Committee shall not interfere in the selection of delegations to participate in the Games “, insisted Tony Estanguet. “ If we step back, the priority is to support the end of this conflict and the end of Ukraine, not the rules. “, before the leader continued” we hope that the universal role of the Games can be preserved in 2024 “.

Partnership: “We are very quiet”

Although domestic partnership revenues are one of the three main sources of the €4.38 billion Paris 2024 budget, Tony Estanguet highlighted that the target has been raised to €1.226 billion. This year, 92% of this goal will be achieved.

We are very quiet While the signature of the luxury group LVMH is still awaited, the head of the committee assured. Tony Estanguet met with group president Bernard Arnault and IOC president Thomas Bach, who passed through Paris in December. The three-time Olympic champion revealed earlier in the year that four official suppliers (SCC, GL Events, Loxam and Fnac-Darty) had joined the committee and that his teams would ” discussions (with companies) in dozens of sectors “.

Agreements with sites: “90% of perimeters are secure”

The report of the Court of Auditors warned us about the timing He recognized Tony Estanguet. The document presented to the Parliament in early January shows the delay in signing contracts related to the use of competition sites. Noting that only 11 of the planned 80 had been signed in early November, the Court advised COJOP to complete the contracts as soon as possible in early 2023.

Tony Estanguet clarified that “ date, 90% of the perimeters have already been secured and had on the committee objected to the model separately “. The negotiations, which lasted longer than expected, made it possible to secure better financial conditions Étienne Thobois, CEO of Paris 2024, emphasized that the agreements will be finalized by the end of the year.

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