Final Fantasy XV: Win “Le Tour d’Eos” trophy and pay less for your next games on PSN

news tip Final Fantasy XV: Win “Le Tour d’Eos” trophy and pay less for your next games on PSN

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Thanks to the We Are PlayStation app, you can be rewarded for playing Final Fantasy XV for long hours. If you’ve got a really special trophy, you can get discounts on the PlayStation Store…


  • We are the January 2023 PlayStation Challenge: Eos Trophy Tour
  • How to participate in the competition?
  • What can I gain from this?

Like every month We are a PlayStation app offers players to win discount coupons on the PlayStation Store. In fact, you can do it every month complete challenges in various gamesand by submitting proof of these achievements to the Sony program, you earn points. Depending on you ranking by points compared to other playersyou can win more or less significant reduction coupons. Every month the account resets and these problems changeand this month, The highest scoring challenge can be found in Final Fantasy XV.

We are the January 2023 PlayStation Challenge: Eos Trophy Tour

For January 2023The bonus challenge of the month is simple on paper: you must have it Won the Tower of Eos trophy in Final Fantasy XV. This trophy will let you Earn 5000 WAP points, giving you a nice lead over other players on the monthly leaderboard. gold, Tower of Eos is ultimately the hardest trophy win: this The Platinum trophy is a trophy that rewards players who have won all other trophies We advise you to complete this task refer to our Wiktionary in the titleespecially Trophies and achievements pagelists them all Final Fantasy XV Achievements, and how to get them. Including helping you accomplish all these challenges some are relatively dangerous, we refer you to our guide for trophies and achievementshere you will find many tips to achieve your goals.

There is one time won the trophythe process is quite simple:

  • Take a screenshot of your screen indicates that you have won Tower of Eos trophy. There must be a picture We are accompanied by your PlayStation nickname and PlayStation ID. NOTE: you must have a nickname and username MANUSCRIPTS Imperativelyotherwise your participation will not be considered.
  • meeting at We are a PlayStation page dedicated to the Final Fantasy XV challengeand click “Rise to the Challenge”. Fill out the form and add your photo.
  • Once your form is taken into account, We will add 5000 points to your PlayStation account. you can fill other challenges in other games to increase your capital points by the end of the month. There will be a rating Frozen on January 31, the deadline for participation. Then yours the account will be reset for next month’s challenges.
Final Fantasy XV: Claim the trophy

What can I gain from this?

At the end of every month So scoring points will give you a place in the standings. Players participating in We Are PlayStation. Depending on your rating, you Collect discount coupons to use as you wish on the PlayStation Store :

  • of From 1 to 20 square: 15 euros reduction
  • of From 21 to 60 square: 10 euros reduction
  • of From 61 to 270 square: 5 euros reduction

Be careful, these discount codes are valid for thirty days only in PlayStation Store France. So consider using buy games, DLCs, in-game contentetc… Regular participation in the We Are PlayStation program will allow you too earn badges to display on your profile PlayStation or even directly attend special eventsfor example, sessions to test games or consoles, etc.

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Final Fantasy XV: Claim the trophy

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