Press review: Friday, January 20, 2023

Illustrative photo. French Universities – University of Franche Comté, UFR Sciences and Technologies.

In our universities:
Bordeaux : A job interview is organized at the University of Burgundy for your CV: read the article from Bien Public
Southern Brittany : Morbihan. In 2023, the university wants to swim in total peace: read the article in Ouest France
Jergy : Philippe Diallo, from the University of Cergy-Pontoise to the FFF presidency : Read Actu’s article
Clermont Ferrand : New Cap for the Learning center of the University of Clermont Auvergne : Read the article in La Montagne
French Riviera: Université Côte d’Azur participates in 11 France 2030 “Maturity-prematurity” winning projects: Read the article in the Journal des entreprises
Franche Comte: The University of Franche-Comté tackles the problem of menstrual uncertainty: read the article from Ma Commune
Guyana: Laurent Linguet is the new president of the University of Guyana: read the article in Guyane 1ère
Le Mans: The University of Le Mans is organizing open days soon: read Actu’s article
Lorraine: University of Lorraine: “Contribute to changing the world”: read the article from Est Républicain
Montpelier: Health, environment, digital among the priorities of the University of Montpellier in 2023: read the Midi Libre article
Montpellier : Anne Fraïsse, President of Paul-Valéry University, marks 2023 as a year of rejuvenation: read the Midi Libre article
Nantes : The budget for 2023 at the University of Nantes already shows a heavy deficit: read the article in Ouest France
Nantes : Francois Hollande was admitted to the University of Nantes on Monday: read the article in Ouest France
Paris: Sciences-po: “We want to be the benchmark in Europe on climate issues”: read the article from Le Parisien
Poitiers: The University of Poitiers wants to produce 80% of its energy in 2 years: read the France Bleu article
Poitiers: University of Poitiers: new pharmacy technician diploma: read the article in La Nouvelle République
Reims: Reims launched a new territory brand… and became a Légend’R: read the article from L’Union
Reindeer: University of Rennes. Business forum for graduate students: Read the article from Ouest France
Rouen : E-sports debuts at Rouen University: Read the article from Le Parisien
Strasbourg: University: Studium opened: Read the DNA article
Toulouse: Toulouse: The economic weight of higher education institutions of the Toulouse Academy: read the article in La Dépêche
Toulouse: Higher education: this scientist who founded his company Deeper Pulse: read the article in La Dépêche

Tweet of the Week:

Jean-Marc Ogier: “The reform of higher education leads to the university of new profiles of young people”: read the article of Educpros

2023 budget dedicated to ESR: “historic” effort but not equal: read Educpros article

Student life:

Student scholarships on social criteria: traces of a government reassessment: read the article from Le Monde


Alain Fischer: “French medical research is in a worrying state”: read the article from Le Monde

Training / Guidance:

Training, transparency, calendar… What are the new features of Parcoursup, whose registration starts on Wednesday? : Read the France Info article
Parcoursup: government wants to clean up for-profit private schools: read the article from Les Echos
Parcoursup: “Shaming of choice creates anxiety”, admits Estèle Jouison of the University of Bordeaux: read the article France Bleu
Parcoursup. High school students can register and express their interest from January 18: read the article in Ouest France

Video of the week:

University Sports:
The best start to the World University Winter Games: Read the SportMag article
2023 World University Winter Games – French biathlon’s first medal: Read the Eurosport article

Le Monde: ChatGPT at university as an educational tool, not a cheating tool: read the article from Le Monde
THE INTERVIEW. “ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we teach, like the arrival of Google in 1998”: Read the France 3 article
ChatGPT: universities have already started changing their exams to avoid cheating: read the article in Le Figaro Étudiant


Michel Lussault: “You don’t build sustainability by focusing on growth”: Read the article from Le Progrès

Shipping AEF Information reproduced with permission from:
AEF info publishes the 5th edition of “ESRI Trends Papers”: discover the topics that will mark the year 2023! Read the post
Medical research: Alain Fischer recommends “visible actions beyond LPR” to stop the decline (report): Read the post
Career and remuneration: Promulgation of decree for ITRF and ITA. Upcoming events for design engineers: Read the post

News Tank senior publication and research articles are reproduced with their permission :
CY Cergy University of Paris: Laurent Gatineau elected president: Read the news
UCA: 3rd edition of campus consultation ‘Making the student voice count’: Read the news
University of Nantes: “Presenting a deficit budget is a political choice” (Carine Bernault): Read the news

Photo of the week:

Robert Etienne University Library of Bordeaux Montaigne University. Insta credit @ubmontaigne. “Located in the Maison de l’archéologie, it has benefited from an extension and remodeling of the ground floor to accommodate more books and tables, a group study room and a reception hall with new furniture and, in particular, armchairs you will no doubt recognize.”. Source Instagram @ubmontaigne.

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