Opinion: Xbox should give someone else a chance at Halo – Halo Infinite

The last few days have been very turbulent for Xbox, 343 Industries and Halo. At one point, a report was released stating that 343 would no longer be the developer of Halo and that other developers would take on the role of executive producer while developing new games in the franchise. Shortly after, this report was denied by 343, who released an official statement assuring fans that they will continue to be the sole developer of Halo now and in the future. It wasn’t a good look, but it was confirmation nonetheless. But in the short time between that statement and the first release of the report, there was an eerie sense of relief among fans who had been anxiously waiting for someone else to tackle the flagship game franchise. From Microsoft and looking at the last ten years of Halo, you can see why.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that Halo has been a disaster since 343, but it wasn’t great either. Halo 4 was mediocre at best, but could be considered a decent first step for 343 after taking over Bungie’s beloved franchise. Halo 5: Guardians started showing more armor cracks and then Halo: Master Chief Collection 343 didn’t help the argument in any way. Today’s MCC is a very complete and capable Halo video game, but it didn’t start out that way – in fact, it took years to get to where it is today.

And then there’s Halo Infinite. A game that has so much, so much. A launch title for the next generation of Xbox hardware that hasn’t arrived yet. It’s powered by an incredibly expensive game engine that was created and built specifically for Halo, which seems to be taking off. It was developed in one of the largest Microsoft-owned game studios, which has undergone layoffs and countless personnel changes. Oh and let’s not forget the elephant in the room; it was the next major installment in the Halo franchise. Still, after a much-criticized gameplay demo, followed by a long delay, and then a really, really fun launch, nearly 18 months of limited, lackluster, and straight-up post-launch live service additions, it’s really hard to say. 343’s run with the Halo brand has been nothing short of disappointing.

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So when news broke that 343 might be handing Halo over to another developer, I can admit that I was part of the crowd that breathed a sigh of relief, not because I believed 343 was a bad developer, but simply because 343-Halo worked. relations were abysmal at best. Although it’s harder to admit and implement, I think they both need to divorce and go their separate ways in life so they can move on to bigger and better things.

Who should try their hand at Halo?

If 343 is going to step aside and let someone else try Halo, who should it be? I think it would be wise to take an approach where several developers work hand in hand; One focused on the narrative and single-player content of the story, while the other focused on the multiplayer aspect. Assuming the Activision Blizzard acquisition goes through, it would be interesting to see Infinity Ward develop a true AAA Halo cinematic story, or alternatively, if the idea is to keep things within the Xbox Game Studios family, but have more than one story. theme to continue, why not let The Outer Worlds’ Obsidian Entertainment take Halo for a spin.

When it comes to the multiplayer side, despite being just an indie studio, 1047 Games could be an ideal prospect. The developer made Splitgate, and I’d say it was one of the best PvP arena shooters we’ve seen since Halo 3. If not, it might be an idea to take a look at a developer who made Perfect Dark one of the best. Famous shooters of all time: Rare. Granted, this studio has a lot going on right now, and the last thing it needs to worry about is Halo, so let’s not look at AAAA, the studio that spent years crafting its Perfect Dark: The Initiative reboot.

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As you can see, there’s a general Xbox Game Studios bent here, and that’s by design. Halo will remain Microsoft and Xbox’s core gaming franchise, so its development should ideally stay within the Xbox family, but wherever it ends up, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it needs to be passed on to someone other than 343 Industries.

What’s next for 343 Industries?

Considering the last ten years, it’s hard to believe what 343 Industries could do with Halo, but it’s still a team with potential, a team that should be given a chance to do something, something new and exciting. Whether it’s in the form of a brand new project or a short stint as a support developer helping out with other big projects while he gets his house in order.

Either way, I’d like to see 343 come up with something else, something that doesn’t have the Halo stamp, because I don’t think I could stand another Halo game, which is just disappointing. Master Chief has been out for far too long, and it’s time for Microsoft to take matters into their own hands, because in an age of familiar Call of Dutys, empty battlefields, and survival shooters, Halo must be something we need. all can see as light in darkness.

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