Find the game coming to PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch in 2023

FIFA 23 continues to dominate its category and begins the second half of the season. Here’s where you can easily find it on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for 2023 sales.

[Mis à jour le 24 janvier 2023 à 11h49] Round ball fans? The newest FIFA in history is waiting for you! The twenty-ninth episode of the license will also be the last of its line, making it a pretty special game, even a collector’s item for some. The good news is that the Mid-Winter 2023 sales have brought some serious discounts on FIFA 23, whether you’re planning to play it on Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. Along with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the upcoming Women’s World Cup in spring 2023, the game boasts all the major European teams and competitions, as well as flawless graphics, making it one of the best episodes ever. of the last five years. We help you find the best price.

FIFA 23 is available on PS5 as a next-gen version with cross-play with PC and Xbox Series players. The PS5 versions use the new Hypermotion 2 system, a motion capture tool applied to today’s greatest players, which allows you to bring football to life on your screens in a more realistic way. FIFA 23 Standard Edition is available on Playstation 5 for €69.99, but it is currently benefiting from various promotions that give you a more affordable purchase! Its PS4 version, which lacks the technical benefits of Hypermotion 2 and is limited to cross-play with Xbox One players, is sold at a discounted price.

FIFA 23 is available in two versions on Xbox as well as on Playstation. The next-gen version, which can be found on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, also benefits from Hypermotion 2 and all its graphical advantages, and the older-gen version is designed for Xbox One gamers. The latter is only cross-playable with PS4 and PS4 players, as it’s technically not the same version of the game as it is on next-gen consoles and PC. You can find the game currently available on Series and One. Here are the best deals:

Currently, French-language reviews of FIFA 23 are quite limited. We’re still getting criticism of the JVC, which gives it some credit 16/20. The web magazine hails the innovations of Hypermotion 2, the new kit system (capturing the principle of previous FIFA games) and the good part given to women’s football. The FUT mode is both competitive and rewarding for veteran players, and hardly holds true for beginners. On the edge of the canal, watchman proposal to him 4 out of 5 starsHe praises Hypermotion 2’s animations, the realism of game situations, and criticizes its microtransaction system a bit.

For IGN France, the game was not satisfied, the newspaper gave it a score 6/10 : “Like a decisive goal disallowed for offside, FIFA 23 misses the mark. It manages to completely sublimate the aging Frostbite engine, and many of the animations added through Hypermotion 2 make the slow-motion amazing. Unfortunately, due to inconsistent and buggy collisions, a game built on rails and based on speed and depth, the game is definitely not up to par. The addition of power shooting sounds like the final push for the simulation to make a definitive move to arcade gameplay..” Indeed, FIFA can sometimes seem too close to arcade games and less close to high-end sports simulation. Same note to TheGamer, 6/10 : “FIFA 23 is as usual, maybe for the last time.

Divided opinions are what characterize FIFA 23 tests and reviews. For now, the game is reaching its peak. 78/100 On Metacritic, its PS5 version has an average score of 22. A special score that is exactly the same if we consider the FIFA 22 ranking. Evidence that FIFA’s new releases are quite divisive, with some acknowledging the impact of technical innovations on the game, others criticizing the license’s inaction or lack of risk, is a trick that is prevalent in all sports game franchises, including the NBA. 2K. But from the perspective of Electronic Arts or 2K Games, their licenses sell like hotcakes and are the source of astronomical amounts of microtransactions, so why revolutionize a format that works?

FIFA 22 introduced us to the idea of ​​two different versions of the same game. Since this release was related to two generations of consoles with different technical capabilities, EA decided to offer two games later. The first was the next-gen version (PS5 and Xbox Series), which contained all the technical innovations of this new generation of football games, and the second was the old-gen version (PS4, Xbox One and PC), which remained a simple upgrade. FIFA 21. A far from unanimous decision, players initially lamented the lack of cross-play between Xbox One, PC and PS4, noting that PCs were limited to the “old” generation.

Everything is different for FIFA 23. If there are still two versions of the game that separate what’s next from the old generation, the rules have changed. PC, PS5 and Xbox Series players will be able to enjoy the same version of the game and even cross-play fully integrated into the game. Cross-play is also offered so that PS4 and Xbox One players don’t panic. These cross-platform game features are of course FUT Division Rivals (excluding Co-op), FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online Friendlies (excluding Co-op), FUT Friendlies, Online Friendlies and finally Online Seasons.

If there’s one category of gamer that’s been pretty negatively affected by recent FIFA releases, it’s Nintendo Switch players. The latter has had to make do with “legacy” versions of the game for the past few years, that is, a copy without the new technical improvements of its counterparts on PC, Playstation and Xbox. As for FIFA 23, unfortunately, this trend continues. Therefore, FIFA 23 on Switch will be a “legacy” version of the game. EA says it themselves: “Gameplay and modes [de FIFA 23] It will be identical to FIFA 22 on Switch and will have the same gameplay as FIFA 22 Legacy Edition without any significant new developments or changes.“If you or a loved one owns a Nintendo Switch, we highly recommend playing this edition of the game.

This 25th iteration of the franchise will be the last to bear the same name. Indeed, you already know, but the divorce has been announced between EA Sports and FIFA. Reason ? On the one hand, FIFA wants to increase the fees paid by EA to own the license, and on the other hand, it intends to accept the appearance of FIFA in other video game franchises (Roblox, Fortnite… ). A bit too incredible an idea for EA to decide to go it alone from 2023 onwards. Thus, FIFA 23 will be the last football game bearing the famous name of the International Football Federation.

As for the future of football simulation games, don’t panic, EA intends to develop its own franchise, which will be called EA Sports FC. Only EA Sports FC will have to opt out of World Cup-related content licensed directly by FIFA. As for the clubs, according to EA the game shouldn’t have any issues. We’re all mad at FIFA, but we’re determined to find another standard bearer for the official soccer simulation. Various candidates could be in the running for one of the biggest studios in the video game world, but no information has been released on the matter at this time.

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