Call for applications: University Academic Mobility Program (PUMA) 2022-2023

The Regional Conference of Rectors of Latin American Universities of AUF members (CRULA) in cooperation with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) starts accepting applications within the framework of the “University Mobility Program academic – PUMA 2022-2023”. This call is addressed to students from 22 Latin American universities in 2023.

Undergraduate students eligible for face-to-face exchange who have completed at least 50% of studies at participating AUF member universities in Latin America (undergraduate level or professional-technical/engineering) 90-180 days in Latin America at a university participating in the PUMA program ( see appendix 1 of the call).

Prospective students who wish to apply from the 22 participating Latin American universities in 2023 are invited to contact their university’s International Relations Department for information on the internal selection process.

Objectives :

  1. Conduct an internationalization experience to allow students to study subjects at the host university and homologate them at their home university.
  2. Promote networking of AUF member universities in Latin America.
  3. To promote solidarity between AUF member universities in Latin America with the participation of students benefiting from PUMA mobility in events related to Francophonie, the study and dissemination of the French language.
  4. Promote and spread Francophonie and mobility in Latin America in order to continue to strengthen relations between universities and to allow for the creation of bilateral cooperation projects in the near future.

Context :

CRULA member universities have identified a low level of South-South face-to-face student mobility in Latin America; Most academic streams related to the Global South are North-South and mainly South-North.

CRULA wants to continue a specific action to promote face-to-face student mobility between member universities based on solidarity, flexibility and mutual financial support among participating universities that commit to funding beneficiaries in its second call.

Participating institutions :

Latin American AUF member universities that have expressed interest in participating in the PUMA program. For this second phase of the PUMA program, whose mobility period runs from August to December 2023, 22 universities from 10 different countries have expressed their interest in participating through a letter of intent signed by the authorities of each university.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Student Eligibility:
  • Register at a Latin American university, AUF member (see Annex I: Universities participating in the PUMA 2022-2023 program).
  • Have knowledge of French at level A2 or equivalent or higher.
  • Be nominated by a Latin American university participating in the PUMA 2022-2023 program.
  • Be accepted by the host university according to its criteria.
  • Have at least three approved subject offers at the home university.
  1. Criteria for selection of undergraduate students applying for mobility:
  • The student (main and substitute) must know French at a level equal to or higher than A2, as confirmed by a certificate or institutional document equivalent to A2 or higher.
  • The student must be selected by their home university, which applies their selection criteria.
  • The student must be accepted by the destination university that applies the admission criteria.

For full call details: click here.

The call is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Application Deadline: April 21, 2023

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