8 reasons why you should buy a second SSD for your PS5

The base model of the PS5 has 825 GB of storage space. Of this, 157.8 GB is taken up by system files, leaving you with 667 GB of space for your games. This may seem like a lot. But games can be huge, and you’ll likely need to delete stuff sooner or later to make room for new games on your system.

However, you can increase your PS5’s storage space by getting a second SSD. If you’re considering investing in another SSD for your PS5 but aren’t quite sure what you want, here are eight reasons.

1. You can expand your toy library

There are so many amazing games out there to play and enjoy that it would be a shame if your library was limited to the space available on your PS5. New games are constantly released in the system. And the more space you have, the more games you can install.

By increasing the storage space of your PlayStation, you can also expand your library. With an SSD, you can keep getting the latest games on the market without worrying about running out of space for them.

2. Some games take up a lot of space

Game files can be quite large and can quickly consume all of your available space. Ark: Survival Evolved, for example, weighs in at 275GB including all DLC. That’s almost half of your system’s usable memory for a single header.

Depending on how massively you play, you may only have room for a few of them before you run out of space and start uninstalling the software. And a 275GB game can take a long time to reload, especially if you haven’t upgraded your PS5’s internet speed yet.

Buying an SSD for your PS5 console can allow you to download up to 4 TB of games simultaneously on your system. This can be important if most of your games are large files.

3. More Tetris games

If you’ve ever had to delete a game to make room for another, or counted your GBs to see how many games you can have on your console, you’ve already played Game Tetris.

Having to constantly shuffle the games installed on your PS5 can be extremely frustrating. Calculating what you need to remove to make room for a new game is less convenient than choosing to download it and start playing right away.

Tetris is never your game of choice, but having a PS5 without an SSD is a necessary evil.

4. Transfer your PlayStation 4 games to PlayStation 5 easily

PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with almost all PlayStation 4 titles. But you’ll probably want to reserve PS5 storage space for PS5 games. If you have a large library of PS4 games, buying an external SSD would be the best way to take advantage of them on your new system.

With an external SSD, you can easily transfer digital titles from your old system directly to your new one. So you can continue to enjoy your old favorites while still having plenty of space for all the new PS5 games on offer.

5. Installing an SSD is quite easy

If you’ve been hesitant to expand your PS5 storage because you dread the idea of ​​installing an internal SSD, don’t. Sony has made the process of installing one of these gadgets quite easy and accessible to everyone.

A dedicated slot for an internal SSD is already integrated into the PS5. All you need to do is remove the covers from the PS5, which you are familiar with if you have ever removed them to clean your PS5 console. Remove the SSD slot cover, screw in the SSD, close it, and turn on the PS5. Your console will do the rest for you.

6. Installing an SSD can improve the performance of your PS5

Installing an internal SSD is the biggest upgrade you can make to your PS5. It not only gives your console more space for games, but also improves the performance of PlayStation.

When purchased, the PS5 has a read/write speed of 5500 MB/s. Depending on the M.2 SSD you buy for your PS5, you can get speeds of 7000MB/s or more. This improves overall performance and your PS5 games load faster than an M.2 SSD.

A PS5 console next to two DualSense controllers

If you’ve been hesitant to buy an SSD for your next-gen console, worried that its specs won’t match those of the PS5, don’t worry. There are a number of M.2 SSDs available for the PS5, and depending on which one you choose, these specs can easily be matched or even exceeded.

7. You can customize your storage with SSD

Buying an extra SSD for your PS5 gives you full control to customize your system’s storage. There are many different sizes and brands, so you can choose the perfect SSD for your needs.

An SSD is a great purchase to say the least, but there is no one size fits all. If you’re concerned about your budget, you can buy a smaller SSD for less than a 4TB SSD. You can replace and upgrade the SSD later if you want.

8. Less waiting, more playing

While many of us wish we could spend more time playing video games, the reality is that the time we do get to play can be fleeting. If you have limited time to play, the last thing you want to do is wait for your games to download to your system.

By purchasing another SSD for your PS5, you can potentially have room for your entire game library on your console. That way, you’ll spend less time with your games matching them and more time playing them.

Buying another SSD for PlayStation 5 will improve your gaming life

The main reason to buy an extra SSD for PS5 is the convenience it offers you. By installing a second SSD, you can save time juggling your games and waiting for them to load onto your system. It also allows your console to perform better overall.

If you’ve been wondering if you want to buy another solid state drive for your PlayStation 5, now is the time.

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